Phil Prendergast MEP is touting for votes on gay dating app Grindr

Phil Prendergast, Labour MEP for Ireland South, is touting for an auld scratch at the ballot box for the upcoming European elections on Grindr. What is Grindr? It is basically the most popular dating app for gay men in Ireland.

It is unique and probably a first, for an Irish politician or political party advertise on an app, especially one of the most popular apps not only in Ireland, but worldwide.


Hat tip to Rob Cas

This new turn in Irish political advertising is a testament to the ever changing relationship between technology and politics and how politicians utilise social media to boost their profiles and canvass for votes. It remains to be seen what impact paid advertising on apps such as Grindr will have an Irish politics. How much did Phil Prendergast pay to advertise on Grindr?


Ad specs

specsData sources

Targeted advertising is important. If you’re looking to drop the hand or lob the gob the last thing you will want to see is a message from a politician. Also, 51% of Grindr users are aged between 18-30. The exact demographic that votes the least. Phil is will lose her seat and is probably wasting her limited funds advertising on Grindr. 10 out of 10 for thinking outside the box and trying to get out the gay vote in Cashel. Just don’t expect to see Ronan Mullen advertising on Grindr anytime soon….



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List of Garda stations where phonecalls were recorded

Recording equipment was installed at the 26 divisional headquarters of the Gardai. The equipment was installed primarily to record bomb threats, emergency calls and messages for Gardai. It worked by recording all incoming and outgoing calls on specific phone lines. At the moment there are approximately over 2,500 tapes all stored at Garda HQ in Phoenix Park. Below is the list of 26 divisional stations where calls were allegedly recorded. There may have been no recordings made at some of these stations, only an inquiry will tell.

  1. Anglesea St – Cork City
  2. Ballymun/Santry Dublin
  3. Blanchardstown – Dublin
  4. Bray
  5. Crumlin – Dublin
  6. Dun Laoghaire
  7. Drogheda
  8. Bandon
  9. Castlebar
  10. Ennis
  11. Fermoy
  12. Henry St Limerick
  13. Letterkenny
  14. Mill St Galway
  15. Monaghan
  16. Mullingar
  17. Naas
  18. Pearse Street  – Dublin
  19. Portlaoise
  20. Roscommon
  21. Sligo
  22. Store Street –  Dublin
  23. Thurles
  24. Tralee
  25. Waterford
  26. Wexford


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Irish anti-semite forgets to switch off twitter geo-tagging

If you’re going to be racist or homophobic on social media it is probably best to stay anonymous. The backlash can be fierce and unforgiving. It’s only natural that the recent Garda controversy would raise people’s hackles. People are quite right to be upset and angry. Should the Minister Shatters religion be an issue? No it should not. If religion was symptomatic of poor political judgement then there would be catholic pogroms in Clara. Then there is this idiot @murf_eire


Alas our anonymous internet anti-semite as is usually the case with these cretins, is not very smart. Eagle eyed James Cussen noticed that our intrepid anti-semite had geo-tagged himself and his location. What happens when you geo-tag yourself? This does – it shows the area and sometimes the exact spot where you sent the message/tweet from. As Patrick Nulty found out last week. Below is the location from where the offending tweet was sent which was available on his twitter accout; Which I have redacted.


Check his twitter timeline, and you discover his name is Mr Wayne Murphy of Co. Westmeath.


First rule of being anti-semite: Don’t forget to turn off your geo-tagging when trying to stay anonymous, otherwise it makes it terribly easy for the Gardai to find you.


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Gay Mitchell MEP slams homophobic laws in Uganda and Nigeria (video)

Gay Mitchell spoke at the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly, about recent laws in Uganda and Nigeria that punish homosexuality. The ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly is made up of  MEP’s and the elected representatives of the African, Caribbean and Pacific states (“ACP countries”) that have signed the Contonou Agreement.

Mitchell came in for criticism during his Presidential campaign for his views on same-sex marriage when he said he did not want to do anything that “weakens marriage” but that he had supported civil unions. Last month he was also criticised for abstaining from a vote on a European Parliament resolution that called for the protection of EU citizens from homophobia.

This is a an excellent speech by the Dublin Fine Gael MEP, who is due to retire in May.


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A brief history of Irish political sex scandals

Politicians have been having ill-advised sex since the beginning of time. The advent of the internet, mobile devices and social media is changing the way politicians indulge in their sexual peccadilloes and how they get caught out.

Unless you happen to be the former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, politicians as a rule don’t want the public to know what floats their boat. Especially Irish politicians. In fact, until last night no Irish politician (in the republic anyway) has resigned over anything in relation to a sexual matter. In 86 years only seven Irish TD’s have resigned on a matter of principle or controversy.

Congratulations to Patrick Nulty. The former Labour Party TD will be written into the annals of Oireachtas history as the first member of parliament to resign because of sex and social media. What we know – He allegedly messaged a 17-year-old schoolgirl on Facebook. He asked the 17-year old to play a game of “truth or dare”. When the girl replied truth, he is understood to have replied: “Have you ever been spanked?”. The schoolgirl wrote back: “What the fuck.” She then received a reply from Nulty saying the message was “only a joke”. The joke was on Nulty, he was also messaging the girl’s mother and she has reported the incident to Gardai. It is also alleged other women were messaged inappropriately. One was asked to send underwear in the post, and another was told to wear a skirt when visiting McNulty’s constituency clinic.

Some of the messages allegedly sent by Nulty.

messagesSunday World/Facebook

Emmet Stagg

In 1994, Emmet Stagg, the TD for Kildare North and the current Labour Party chief whip came to Garda attention while loitering in his car, in an area of the Phoenix Park used by male prostitutes. Stagg, a Minister of State in the Fianna Fáil and Labour coalition government at the time openly admitted his conduct had been ‘undoubtedly indiscreet’ but not illegal. He said while he was aware the man was gay, he was unaware – and had no evidence to suggest that he was a male prostitute. The really surprising thing about the Stagg incident is that he wasnt summarily sacked. Homosexuality was only decriminalised the year before.

Charlie Haughey

It is said the political dog on the street knew about Charlie Haughey’s affair with Sunday Independent gossip columnist Terry Keane. What shocked many people was the manner in which she revealed to the nation her affair with the political prince of darkness. Terry appeared on the Late Late Show to dramatically reveal her secret life with Charles Haughey or as she called him, ‘Sweetie’.

Northern Ireland

I was accused last night of ignoring our northern political cousins in regards to sex scandals. Which was true. I was thinking of sex scandals in the Republic, which are very few and far between. The same can’t be said for our northern cousins who seem to have a sex scandal every few months. When I say our northern cousins, I mean the Democratic Unionist Party. When reading about their various sex scandals, I got the impression these bible thumping holier than thou fundamentalist Christians would get up on a cracked plate.

Arguably the most notorious scandal of them all. Irisgate, was a political scandal involving Iris Robinson, the wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson, who was a serving MP and MLA for the Democratic Unionist Party. Iris was 60 at the time when she had the affair with 19-year-old Kirk McCambley. Iris also solicited £50,000 from two property developers to help Kirk get a café business off the ground. The affair eventually soured. Her hubby found out and Iris tried to take her own life. All this from the woman who compared homosexuality to child abuse, and called homosexuality an “abomination” that made her feel “sick” and “nauseous”.


In 2005, DUP assemblyman Paul Berry made contact with the man through a gay chatroom and sent the man a photograph of himself. The man then recognised Berry as a member of the DUP and contacted the ‘Sunday World’ because of his anger and disgust at the DUP’s stance on homosexuality. Around the same time the DUP had organised a campaign called Save Ulster from Sodomy. Save Ulster from hypocrisy would have been a little more apt.

In January 2013, former Irish rugby international and Traditional Unionist Voice Councillor David Tweed was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment for 13 counts of gross indecency, indecent assault of two young girls and inciting gross indecency.

Last year, a former adviser to Northern Ireland MP David Simpson was arrested after a camera was found in the toilets of the MP’s constituency office. David McConaghie, 47, was arrested in relation to filming women in toilets of David Simpsons constituency office. Pervert rating 10/10

In 2010, former DUP councillor William Wilkinson was found guilty of attempting to rape a woman in her Co Antrim home.

In 2011, the wonderfully nicknamed – Glam Pam lewis, a DUP MLA, left her husband for another man following an affair.

It turns out that the biggest Irish political scandals of the last 10 years involved religious politicians that consider themselves more British than Irish. Local DUP political meetings sound like great craic. Prayer, politics and a bit of a feel afterwards. The reality is, some of the above mentioned are sex crimes and not sex scandals and being the in DUP sounds like a bad place for a woman to be.

In the Republic, we turn our noses up at mixing sex and politics and of course the only reason politicians resign is because they are caught. Nulty denied for two weeks that he had sent the messages, he claimed he was hacked. The list of Irish politicians that claim they were hacked grows longer every month.

Inevitably the day will arrive again where a politician will get caught participating in their sexual peccadillo of choice, probably on social media. Some politicians will resign. Others will beg their constituencies and parties for forgiveness in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their careers. Others, however, will choose to claim they are hacked. From here on no TD or Senator is safe. Privacy in matters of the aching loins will not be respected by the tabloids.

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Irish TD’s first tweets #FirstTweet

Twitter celebrated its 8th birthday today by launching a website, called, that lets users search their own account to find their first tweet. Seeing as this is primarily a blog about Irish politics I had look at some Irish politicians first tweets.

Lets start with our exalted party leaders.

Enda Kenny didn’t hang around for long.

endakEamon Gilmore and John Kerry. Could be any John Kerry and not the United States Secretary of State who is currently busy being made a holy show of by the Russians.


Bet you never thought you’d see Micheál Martin and liberal in the same sentence.


Gerry Adams is the only main party leader not to be verified by twitter. He allegedly told them he was never on or in twitter.

gerry adams

Minister for all things European, Paschal Donohoe was one of the first Oireachtas members to take to twitter, Sounding like a Ukrainian in the Crimea.


Minister Coveney will always be remembered for one particular tweet, not this one though.


Alex White claimed his twitter account was hacked recently. Not for sending dodgy links though.


Alan Kelly had an incident with some “Pikeys” on twitter. Also a victim of hacking.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 22.39.55

The road to Fianna Fáil Damascus is littered with latin musings. Colm waiting for something profound to happen…. He joined Fianna Fáil.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 22.43.47

Ming Flanagan off on his holidays to exotic Cork.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 22.48.44

Alan Shatter is probably hoping for the Garda Commissioner’s resignation about now.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 22.51.59

Anymore first tweets from TD’s that should be here let me know and I will add them.

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The Ben Gilroy Show

Ben Gilroy has his own chat show. A group of his friends have set up a TV Network Channel called Ireland’s Independent network.

The video was originally posted to this website – Get out of debt free. It is basically a website selling snake oil. The site preys on those that are vulnerable and in financial dire straits.

The blurb for the show says:

“The idea of this channel is to give a voice to the unheard, and cover topics rarely discussed on RTE such as, Fluoride, banking, the legal system and courts, repossessions, the freemen, the freemasons, fracking, oil and gas, turf cutting, shell to sea, and anything that the people want to discuss. 

Please don’t go too hard on me for the pilot show and claim it’s a DDI propaganda machine I promise it isn’t and wont be, but as it’s a pilot show and nobody has heard about it yet its difficult to get guests for the first show.
We hope to have other small independent filmmakers display their talents on the channel and any other ideas are welcome, but now we a serious platform for all voices to be heard.

We ran our pilot show to AERTV and they are willing to broadcast on their platform at we also hope to broadcast on a SKY channel soon. We hope to fund this by selling small cheap ads to small to medium enterprises who couldn’t normally afford such ads.

Please enjoy, comment, suggest guests or topics or ideas all appreciated. Please share to anyone you think would like to be a guest or other. Thanks Ben Gilroy”   

If you can ignore the 70’s porn music intro, the fake clapping and the plants that look like they’ve had Botox, the concept is not a bad one. Gilroy interviews Jan Van de Ven the new leader of Direct Democracy Ireland, Raymond Whitehead founder of DDI and Garda whistleblower John Wilson.

Throughout the hour-long show (Yes, a whole of hour of listening to Ben Gilroy), You see a number they want you to text.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 21.53.00

So what happens when you text “change” to this number.  You get this reply.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 21.57.46


Ben Gilroy says, it is not “a DDI propaganda machine I promise it isn’t and won’t be”, it clearly is. The text cost 15c. I do not know if getting a phone call from a member of DDI is worth the 15c, but I shall humour whomever calls.

Despite the poor fare from the Late Late show in recent months and TV3 dumbing down TV to unprecedented levels, I don’t think they will be rushing to snap up the Ben Gilroy Show anytime soon.

If you have an hour of your life you’d like to waste.


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Homophobia at St Patricks day parade New York, 1991 (video)

The St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York has been mired in controversy this year. The focal point of the controversey is the right for LGBT groups to march in the parade. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is boycotting the parade, and there have been calls for An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny to boycott the parade also. Beer manufacturer Heineken has also weighed in the on the debate, a representative saying on Friday: “We believe in equality for all. We are no longer a sponsor of Monday’s parade.”   

There has been some debate around the parade and what it stands for. It has been said it is a celebration of all things Irish. If it was truely a celebration of all things Irish, then LGBT groups would be allowed to March. It seems to me the New York City parade is a celebration of all things Irish Catholic. This is also apparent by the concerted drive in recent days to have the invite to the PSNI to march in the parade rescinded.

Video description:

In 1991, the Irish Lesbian & Gay Organization in NYC applied to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They were refused. Instead, they marched with Mayor David Dinkins as guests of a local division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH.)

Spectators and other marchers showered ILGO, Mayor Dinkins and AOH Division 7 with abuse and a few projectiles. Mayor Dinkins compared the experience to walking in civil rights marches in Alabama. That’s what you’re seeing in this video.

Video contains strong homophobic language.




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Sinn Féin Cllr John Brady gets served with eviction notice

Wicklow County Councillor John Brady has been in the wars lately. Only last week he was forced to reject claims that he staged a photo with drug syringes as an election stunt. Brady claims he found the syringes in the back garden of a boarded-up council house in Fassaroe, Bray. The syringes didn’t look like they were used and why was a Cllr rummaging around a boarded up house looking for a photo-op?

Brady’s latest war with Wicklow County Council has come about because they are trying to evict him from his council house where he has lived in Bray for the last thirteen years.


Brady doesn’t specify what work he did to the house, but he does blame the council for drug dealers and anti social behaviour. What that has to do with him being evicted I’m not quite sure. Wicklow County have refused to comment on the case claiming data protection issues prevent them from doing so. Brady the consummate populist politician will no doubt use this to try to benefit him at the ballot box.

Brady is the kind of Councillor that likes to highlight all that is wrong with his town. Selfies with syringes and degenerating local council staff won’t be good enough if he wants to play senior hurling and become a TD. People like to feel proud of where they come from also.

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Meet the local election candidate endorsed by Shane Ross.

Continuing in the series of blog posts highlighting the off the wall batshit musings of local election candidates, today I look at Deirdre O’Donovan. Deirdre is running for South Dublin Council and has been endorsed by Shane Ross – last seen trying to summon Jesus to the Public Accounts Committee.

Regular political loons reading this blog will know that some politicians would say mass if they thought it’d get them an auld scratch at the ballot box. Deirdre is one such undesirable.

Deirdre’s latest blog post very seriously tells us –

‘One of the jewels of the nation’s sporting crown – Ballyboden St. Endas – is now removed from our community constituency’

‘This decision was approved by the current County Councillors – mainly Fine Gael & Labour politicians’

Ballyboden St.Enda’s is a marvellous facility, but it’s big, you can’t miss it. So where’s it being transferred to I wonder? Kerry? God forbid, Ballymun? Worse still, Cork? Nope…..

Deirdre solemnly tells us – ‘The very heart of the village – St. Colmcilles Church, National School and Knocklyon Shopping Centre – have been moved to the Templeogue/Terenure Ward away from our community and neighbours and in with the people of Clondalkin and Ballymount’

Ah ok, Deirdre is objecting to the redrawing of the local electoral boundaries and Ballyboden St.Enda’s is not being moved to Cork. Although Dierdre does a pretty could job of making the people of Clondakin and Ballymount sound pretty undeserving of such a facility.

Deirdre also wants you to hold local election candidates to account –

“If you are unhappy with the boundary changes, make sure you mention it when the main political party politicians come calling at your door in the run up to the election on 23rd May.”

A quick phone call to Shane Ross and Deirdre could have found out that it was the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee that redrew the boundary and not the “main political parties”.

Who are these political hucksters and charlatans who had the temerity to redraw the boundary?

The members of the Committee are:

Mr. Gerry Kearney, former Secretary General of the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, who is the Chairperson;

Mr. Joe Beirne, former Director of Services, Mayo County Council;

Professor Gary Murphy, Head of the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University;

Mr. Peter McCann, former Principal Officer in the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government;

Ms. Marian Vickers, Chief Executive, Northside Partnership, Dublin.

All upstanding members of the community. Not a politician to be seen. BallyBoden St. Enda’s isn’t moving anywhere and will continue to serve the community as it always has. No one will lose out on its facilities and that was the batshit musings of an ill-informed candidate endorsed by his holiness Shane Ross.

Next up – The anti-fluoride politicians in Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Féin that will harm your kids if you vote for them. 

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