Quick interview with Simon Harris

Simon Harris is a Fine Gael Candidate for the European Parliament in Ireland South and is currently a TD for Wicklow and East Carlow.  He is the youngest member of the current Dáil at 27 years old. Simon is also member of the Public Accounts Committee, its role as the public spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Comittee as seen recently in the media is one of the most powerful Oireachtas Committees. Before his election to the Dáil, he served on Wicklow County Council, having been elected in June 2009 with the highest percentage vote of any County Councillor in Ireland. Earning him nickname the ‘Harris Hurricane’. 

So who is he? Simon took a quick break from his hectic schedule to talk to me.



Thanks to Simon and the Fine Gael digital team.

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The first rule of Gerry Adams Club is: You do not talk about Gerry Adams club

Sinn Féin are bit touchy about Gerry Adams lately. This text, sent by a member of the Sinn Féin UCC branch, read: “Lads, off the back of the news about Gerry Adams, members of the Cumann are NOT to make any statement regarding the issue. Disciplinary action will be taken to anyone who does so.” 



Eoin Neylon/twitter

They don’t say what disciplinary action will be taken. But when Sinn Féin members threaten disciplinary action, one should probably take to the beer and make of list of things to do before they die. Things to do in Cork before you’re dead – if you will. Let’s hope Sinn Féin don’t send someone down from headquarters to investigate who leaked the text message. Those accused of informing against Sinn Féin/IRA in the past usually ended up as one of the the ‘Disappeared’.

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Bertie’s digout to Fianna Fáil local election candidate backfires

You’d be forgiven for waking up this morning and thinking you’ve travelled back in time to the last decade. The big stories of the day are – Seanie Fitz of Anglo fame and the Irish Independent are reporting Bertie Ahern addressed a Fianna Fáil rally in his old constituency of Dublin Central in support of local election candidate Brian Mohan.

The Irish Independent are even reporting that Bertie said he was just giving a “dig out” for the son of a close friend and party member. No election candidate in the world wants to see their name in print with “Bertie” and digout”. It conjures up images of Bertie at the Mahon tribunal.

If you’re like Brian Mohan, a fresh-faced Fianna Fáil candidate running in the up coming local elections in Dublin Central, who do you believe would be a good choice to rally the troops? How about Senator Averil Power? A confident, intelligent politician without the Fianna Fáil baggage of old. Maybe Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick, who has been selected as Fianna Fáil’s candidate for the European elections in Dublin. Fitzpatrick was famously shafted by Bertie on the eve of the 2007 general election. I’m sure a Fianna Fáil TD could have made the short trip up the road from the Dáil to say a few words. Maybe Digger Dooley or Milf McGrath could have.

Who do you get instead? You put former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at the top table and tell him to say a few words. Sure Seanie Fitz was just acquitted. Maybe he could have dropped by and said a few words while he was at it.

The truth of the matter is – some former Fianna Fáil cabinet ministers are still so toxic they’d put Chernobyl to shame. Everyone except Micheál Martin, because he was only a cabinet minister for fourteen years.

Bertie is a shameless self publicist. He would have been well aware what he was about say would have been reported back to the media.

Bertie told the soldiers of destiny at the rally “We still all support the party. We still all support Fianna Fáil.

“I don’t think much of the leader, I think you all know that. I’m not going to say anything nice about him,” he said.

He also said “The party is doing fairly brutal, I’m not a member but this is a meeting of supporters for Brian. But that’s the hard reality”

Whatever about the political stupidity of wilfully being associated with Bertie, the former Taoiseach was there to rally the troops, not to piss all over Micheál Martin and make himself the story.

So Brian, may I feel so bold as to suggest some alternative people to address your next rally. Someone with a bit more gravitas and who is not as toxic as Bertie.

  • The troika – you get three for one.
  • Oliver Cromwell – to hell or to the Seanad
  • Fingers Fingelton
  • The Black and Tans
  • Sean Dunne
  • Ian Paisley
  • Kim Jong-un
  • Angela Kerins
  • Eamon Gilmore
  • John Waters
  • Brian Cowen

Any of the above should suffice.

Bonus video: Brian disavows Bertie and when asked why Fianna Fáil do not have a TD in Dublin? He blames people “moving from all over the country to Dublin” and bringing “their anger with them”.  I’m surprised he didn’t continue with them fecking culchies taking our jobs and our women.


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TDs scheduled to ask Ministerial questions didn’t bother to show up (video)

Unbelievable scenes in Dáil. The Leas-Cheann Comhairle (Deputy Chairman) of Dáil Éireann, Michael Kitt, called the names of 15 TDs to ask almost 30 questions to Minister Bruton and none of them show up.

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Left wing anti-abortion local election candidate undone by sexist meme

Sure it could happen to any of us. You post a sexist meme to Facebook and it ends your political career before it even begins.

Thomas Carty was the locally endorsed Anti Austerity Alliance candidate in Tullamore for the up coming local elections. The AAA is basically a front for the Socialist Party and the far left. Socialism is a dirty word in Ireland, so they feel a little rebranding might help them at the ballot box.

Alas, Thomas has been undone by a combination of the internal machinations of the Anti Austerity Alliance, his own stupidity and some googling. He recently posted this meme to Facebook.

The National Steering Group of the anti-austerity Alliance is made up of seven well meaning souls that have the final say on who can run under their political banner. They decided not to endorse Carty’s candidacy after revelations about his facebook memes, and further investigations in to his anti-abortion views were revealed to them by Galway poet Kevin Higgins.

The nub of the issue appears to be that the AAA didn’t vet Mr Carty properly. In their defence, they don’t have the resources other parties do. They don’t have party handlers they can send around the country to vet prospective candidates, so they have to rely on googling a fella and hope they like the cut of his jib. 

Carty issued an unintentionally hilarious mea culpa in a statement posted on Facebook.

Some quotes from the statement posted to Facebook  – “A highly organised campaign by Kevin Higgins – a “British” poet from Galway according to his Wikipedia entry, forced the AAA’s hand on the issue.”

“The revolution wont be happening in Tullamore anytime soon!!!!”

“A party with a pro-life and left wing stance will be launched in the coming months.. Keep an eye out for posts. I may yet stand as an independent, have not decided yet.” 

This must be a first by a local election candidate…… Calling on people to have the right to make a meme.

“A smokescreen also has been used of where I posted laddish memes and suchlike on my Facebook wall, which were meant tongue in cheek, likes and commented on my many women, which is used as further justification, claiming that it demeans women and is misogynistic.” I reject that, and welcome any memes that take the proverbial out of men from women, and have posted such myself, but which have been ignored”. 

I must say, I agree with Mr Carty’s sentiment……..



You can read Mr. Carty’ statement HERE.


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Controversial John Waters quotes – Gay marriage, depression and bloggers

John Waters struck again today in an interview with The Sunday Indepedents Niamh Horan. He said “I don’t believe in depression. There’s no such thing. It’s an invention. It’s bullshit, it’s a cop out.”

This is not the first time he has spoken about depression though. In 2007, he wrote an article in the Irish Times under the heading “depressing new take on sadness”. In what’s become his usual hallmark of insensitivity He describes people as merely being sad not depressed. You can read excerpts from the 2007 article HERE

Below are a selection of quotes from John Waters over the last few years.


People are selectively finding things offensive to suit themselves? If I was a depressed gay blogger I’d be pretty offended.

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Neil Prendeville left feeling exposed again

Keith Barry, Irish mentalist (aren’t we all), hypnotist and magician took to twitter Facebook today to expose some churlish behaviour from Red FM’s Neil Prendeville. Kieth had just appeared on rival station Cork’s 96FM chatting with PJ Coogan. Keith got told whilst waiting in reception that “Neil doesn’t want to interview him”.




Keith posted to Facebook –  “Neil Prendeville, new to the station refused to have me on because I had just been on 96. I thought it was a wind-up at first as they had asked for no exclusivity and actually asked me 2 days prior to develop new material to perform on his fellow DJ KC which took me hours to do. These are hours I could have spent doing other things. It’s interesting to me how Neil quickly forgot that I was one of his supporters during his ‘unfortunate incident’ and my manger sent an email of support from us to the station manager at the time”.  

He went on to say – “Neil was not even courteous enough to face me himself. The reason I write this is not to whine – it’s to warn other professionals away from amateurs like Neil as the same could happen to them when such egos are out of control. I’m now off to quickly text my mates in showbiz and tell them to avoid his show as we don’t have time for this nonsense. Perhaps one day Neil will return to his professionalism and return back to Earth with a hard bump” 

Neil might need some more painkillers if the tabloids run with the story. The unfortunate incident Keith refers to – is from the time when Neil apologised for allegedly exposing himself in front of a woman and two air hostesses, on an Aer Lingus flight from London. Sure we’ve all been there.

The ongoing war over listenership between Red FM and Cork’s 96 FM took a hilarious turn last week when 96Fm posted this picture to Facebook.


Media and Public Relations darlings close to to the mouth of the south were quick to tell anyone that would listen, that Neil was none too happy with the stunt after the picture went viral on Facebook and twitter. We won’t know how many people in Cork played with their knobs till next May. The next set of JNLR radio listnership figures are due out then.

You can read Keiths Facebook post HERE.

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Mick Wallace is guilty of far worse than crimes against fashion

Some would say Mick Wallace is guilty of a few things. He once threatened to set a hitman on a fellow developer who owed him £20,000. Then there was the under-declaring of around €1.4m in VAT. There was the time he pleaded guilty to 5 charges of not paying into his employees’ pension scheme on time.

But it’s his so called crimes against fashion that seem to get peoples attention on social media. This evening he was pictured sporting a lady bird earring on the six-one news.



A few weeks ago, he was sporting the soccer jersey of Italian Serie A side, Torino, in the Dail. Who are sponsored by a sausage maker.


Despite his dishevelled appearance, Wallace is an articulate and educated man. Mick transferred his €500,000 Italian villa and vineyard to his brother – at the same time he was defrauding the revenue of €1.4m. Wallace and his son, doubled their company salaries to just under €300,000, around the time the VAT fraud was being committed and when his company was losing money. So much for the story he defrauded the revenue to save jobs. Mick also owes the banks over €20m and the revenue is owed €2.1m in tax and penalties arising from his tax fraud.

Mick is no man of the people and is guilty of things far worse than crimes against fashion. 


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Twitters anti semitic Irish

Last week, someone or some organisation sent white powder and anti-Semitic material to the home of Minister Alan Shatter on Wednesday morning. They sent this photograph to his home.



The man in the photograph on the centre left is Albert Forster – who was the Nazi Party’s Gauleiter (local Nazi Party leader) of the City of Danzig. Forster was such an ardent Nazi he even had Hitler and Rudolph Hess as witnesses at his wedding. In a speech Forster said – “Poles and Jews are not human”and”Jews are not humans, and must be eradicated like vermin. Mercy towards Jews is reprehensible. Any means of destruction of Jews is desirable.”

This charming fellow was responsible for the exportation of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles to concentration camps and the infamous mass murders in Piaśnica, Poland. Between 12,000 and 16,000 Jews, Czechs and German inmates from mental hospitals were gunned down and buried in mass graves in the area where Forster was Gauleiter. He was executed for his crimes against humanity after the war.

So you just have to ask yourself: What goes through these wacky anti-Semites tiny little brains? On what level does anyone think – that it is ok to send our Jewish Minister for Justice, a picture of the guy that had Hitler as his best man at his wedding and went on to be responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people.

Voltaire said – Common sense is not so common. Social media proves common sense is not so common on a daily basis. Racists, homophobes and whatever bottom of the gene pool prejudices that exist can be found on social media, especially twitter. Instant 140 character soundbites are all too easy a way to disseminate messages of hate. Reporting them to twitter is pointless and futile. Twitter only act in extreme cases – usually only when overwhelming adverse publicity is involved for the company. So, I had a look at twitter to see if there was any evidence of anti-semitism on twitter in Ireland. None of the people below are involved or connected to the investigation into the material sent to Minister Shatters house. They are anti-semites, racists and homphobes though.

Lets start with Patrick Talbot, or Pad_Ban as he goes by on twitter. See, the likes of Mr.Talbot are the really dangerous. The shirt and tie, the bespectacled veneer of respectability whispering about the evil of Jews and blacks and immigration. Mr. Talbot has run in a by-election, general election and a local election. He got 614 first preference votes in the 2009 Dublin Central by-election. 614 1st preferences votes too many.


Pad ban 2


Pad ban 3


Pad ban 4


Unemployed dad-of-eight Michael Quinn is the head of the Irish Nationalist Brotherhood, they desribe themselves as “White Nationalist Revolutionaries.” Their motto is BUA NÓ BÁS (Victory or Death). The group is openly anti-Jewish, anti-gay and wants an end to all “non-European” immigration into Ireland. Quinn who has been linked to anti abortion group – Youth defence, ran on an anti- abortion platform in Dun Laoghaire in 1992 and on an anti-imiigration platform in Carlow-Killkenny in 1997.  Geoff Short has a more in depth look at Quinn and his ilk HERE






@EireCalling is another coward that has been getting in on the act lately.


eire calling 1

eire 2

eire 3

eire 4


All below are Irish people.


shatter 2

Shatter 3



The genius below was stupid enough to have himself geo-tagged in his tweet. Which showed exactly where he lived.

shatter 5

It goes international….



To live anywhere in Ireland today and to judge people because of race, color or creed is not only wrong, it is stupid. It displays a lack of intelligence, humanity, compassion and reason.

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Which Fine Gael local election candidate wrote a raunchy book?

Mixing sex and politics is generally a bad idea, as Patrick Nulty found out last week. Writing about sex and politics is ok though. Just ask Alan Shatter, his raunchy novel ‘Laura’ has sold over 20,000 copies.

Alan Shatter is not the only Fine Gael member that has written a raunchy novel. Meet Josepha Madigan, a Fine Gael local election hopeful in the Stillorgan ward for South Dublin County Council.



The blurb for the book says – Sassy solicitor Helene McBain has spent the last few years getting what she wants and who she wants. Rising through the ranks of a high profile Dublin law firm, she has professional as well as sexual recognition. Her story is set against the last groans of the celtic tiger. She works among, has relationships with, and represents the movers and shakers who created it. 

The novel has fraud, embezzlement, political corruption and blackmail together with lots of sex and an unexpected pregnancy. Sounds like something you’d read in the Sunday Independent.

When not writing sexy novels and being a Fine Gael local election candidate Josepha is a legal eagle specialising in family law and has had another book published by Jordan Publishing called; Appropriate Dispute Resolution – (ADR) In Ireland A Handbook for Family Lawyers and their Clients. Coincidentally this book was launched by Alan Shatter. A more sobering read one suspects. 

If anymore Fine Gael members write raunchy novels they should consider changing the name of the party to Feel A Gael.  

You can read an excerpt from Negligent Behaviour and buy Ms Madigan’s novel here.


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