The Iona Institute

Where do I start with these people? In a nut shell, they are a right wing Catholic pressure group made of about 6 or 7 people seeking to influence Irish law and governance because they don’t like the transformation of Ireland in to a liberal secular democracy from a Catholic church dominated theocracy. The Iona institute would like to turn the dial back to the 1940’s. Where we answered to religious dogma instead of human decency and compassion. They are a political lobby group. The “Christian right”. Ironically enough they are usually neither christian nor right.

The Iona institute are given disproportionate amount of attention for such a small lobby group. They don’t even represent the majority of Catholics.  Their main mouth piece is David Quinn. A columnist with the Irish Independent. Now Ireland’s leading daily tabloid. In his twitter profile he describes himself as “Columnist with Irish Independent and Irish Catholic”. Director of Iona Institute”. I’m also a columnist, an Irish Catholic also, and Director of the Don’t Vote It Only Encourages Them Institute.  When David Quinn describes himself as an “Irish Catholic”, is he afraid that people might mistake him for an Aborigine Catholic? Are Irish Catholics holier than say British Catholics or Chinese Catholics. Chinese Catholics are seriously repressed, they are literally producing martyrs for the cause. I’d say Chinese Catholics are a much holier bunch us Irish Catholics. Then there was this headline in the Irish times.

This is news to the Irish Times? 6 or 7 people that call themselves an institute oppose an end to the ban on Good Friday boozing. Personally I don’t care if pubs open or not. Pubs in Ireland close twice a year, Good Friday and Christmas Day. If you were a foreigner having the misfortune to visit a supermarket or off licence in Ireland leading up to Good Friday, you would be forgiven for thinking alcohol was to be banned for the next two years. Not only do people look like they are purchasing enough alcohol to drown their own sorrows, they look like they purchasing enough alcohol to drown the sorrows of all the Catholics in the world also. Jesus may have died for our sins, but us Irish Catholics will drink for your sins.

We know what the Iona institute are for….. Turning the dial back a couple of decades to a time when unmarried mothers were put in homes and their babies taken away from them. What are they against? We, at the Don’t vote, It Only Encourages Them Institute, did some scholarly research to find out what else Iona don’t like.

Sex! Dirty, filthy, wild passionate sex. The dirtier the sex the more novenas you should say. Every time you change sexual position you got to throw a Hail Mary in there. From researching their website, sex is a big deal with these people and it should only be done with the lights off and a hole cut in the sheet. Having sex for anything other than pro-creation is sin. We, at The Dont Vote, It only Encourages Them institute would recommend as much sinful sex as possible.

Iona are also against Gay marriage and anything that even remotely involves Gay people being parents. During the equal rights referendum they said Gay marriage would lead to all kinds of depraved behavior. They were right……

Iona do not like science. Especially science that goes against dogma, especially their own brand of dogma. It usually goes like this, first they deny the earth revolves around the sun. Secondly they say it is not important that the earth revolves around the sun, and finally they credit St Patrick instead of Galileo with the find.

Iona don’t like contraception.

Condoms ✘                                                                                                                                               Contraceptive pill ✘                                                                                                                               The patch ✘                                                                                                                                             The coil  ✘                                                                                                                                               Anything else  ✘                                                                                                                                     Rhythm method ✓  

They would prefer if you took your chance with  unreliable biological mathematics instead of proven science.

They don’t like vaccines. Especially the HPV vaccine that can help prevent cervical cancer. The screenshot below is take from the Iona website…… “In the vast majority of cases HPV does not lead to cancer”, Did the person who wrote that article stop for even one nanosecond to ask themselves what about the cases that do lead to cancer? I think the answer is no!!

I think someone needs to tell the Iona Institute and David Quinn, the ten commandments are a bit like the leaving cert. Only 6 need to be attempted……

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Try to have Iona delisted as a charity for tax purposes; political parties are not treated as charities; why should the Iona Institutionalists be deemed charitable?

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