Marc MacSharry

A bitter row broke out in the Seanad today over the membership of Marc MacSharry on the banking inquiry. Fine Gael Senator Maurice Cummins claimed that Fianna Fáil Senator Marc MacSharry had a conflict of interest. A claim Cummnins later withdrew.

Senator MacSharry is not well-known outside of political circles. He’s not a national figure.  He’s a provincial back water prince from Sligo. Marc is more famous for being the son of Ray MacSharry, the former Fianna Fáil minister and European Commissioner. Ray is famous for introducing swinging cuts in state spending that earned him the nickname Mack the Knife. Ray used to be a director at Bank of Ireland and is currently the public interest director at Irish Life and Permanent. Just two of the many banks his son Marc will be investigating.

Marc has been a Senator since 2002. He contested the 2011 general election after bizarrely being added to the Fianna Fáil ticket in Sligo/North Leitrim by Fianna Fáil headquarters. A terrible strategy that gifted Fine Gael two out of the three seats in the constituency. Below is Marc’s electoral record.


Prior to entering politics Marc worked as a Customer Advisor/Sales Executive in Irish Permanent Building Society from 1991-1994. These days when not involved in Seanad spats – Marc is also an estate agent. According to the blurb on his company website he’s a ‘total solutions provider’. What a waste he’s in the Seanad. Sure he could be providing solutions for all of Ireland’s woes if only we’d let him. 

His company provides:

  • Comprehensive Property Management
  • Residential & Commercial Sales
  • Residential & Commercial Lettings
  • Auctions
  • Receivership Support Services
  • Monitor Rents and Provide Monthly Rent reports
  • Carry Out Property Inspection
  • Tailor Repairs & Fit Out Programmes
  • Carry Out All Renewal Negotiations and Tenant Changeover Logistics.

He lists in his declaration of members interests – a property he owns and some land. He also has a small stake in a development company called Foresthaze LTD which is in the process of being liquidated.

Up to today  – the Sligo Senator hasn’t really come to the nation’s attention. He can only be remembered for calling Enda Kenny ‘a clown’, and he missed a Seanad debate on organ donation despite signing a petition asking for the Seanad to be recalled. He made a big song and a dance on why the Seanad should be recalled and then fecked off to Portugal, missing a crucial vote which the Goverment won by one vote.

More recently Marc and his father became embroiled in an ongoing legal row arising out of the alleged actions of accountant Kenneth McMoreland. McMoreland was accused of deceiving three brothers to the tune of €2.4m over a deal to sell a housing development site to Foresthaze developments LTD, which  Mac the knife was chairman of and in which according the register of Oireachtas members interests Marc himself held a share. The MacSharry clan was brought into the case as a third-party by Mr McMoreland seeking that he be indemnified for any damages that may be awarded against him (McMoreland) arising out of proceedings over the deal.

McMoreland has claimed Mac the knife , his sons Ray and Marc have a liability in relation to the €2.4m damages awarded against him, but the hearing of his claims against them has been deferred pending the outcome of his Supreme Court appeal. There is no suggestion of impropriety and to date no liability has been fixed on any of the MacSharry clan arising out of the court case.

Whether the government seeks to have Senator MacSharry removed from the banking inquiry remains to be seen. But who better than an estate agent to sit on the inquiry……


You can watch todays Seanad spat below.



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