Bertie’s digout to Fianna Fáil local election candidate backfires

You’d be forgiven for waking up this morning and thinking you’ve travelled back in time to the last decade. The big stories of the day are – Seanie Fitz of Anglo fame and the Irish Independent are reporting Bertie Ahern addressed a Fianna Fáil rally in his old constituency of Dublin Central in support of local election candidate Brian Mohan.

The Irish Independent are even reporting that Bertie said he was just giving a “dig out” for the son of a close friend and party member. No election candidate in the world wants to see their name in print with “Bertie” and digout”. It conjures up images of Bertie at the Mahon tribunal.

If you’re like Brian Mohan, a fresh-faced Fianna Fáil candidate running in the up coming local elections in Dublin Central, who do you believe would be a good choice to rally the troops? How about Senator Averil Power? A confident, intelligent politician without the Fianna Fáil baggage of old. Maybe Councillor Mary Fitzpatrick, who has been selected as Fianna Fáil’s candidate for the European elections in Dublin. Fitzpatrick was famously shafted by Bertie on the eve of the 2007 general election. I’m sure a Fianna Fáil TD could have made the short trip up the road from the Dáil to say a few words. Maybe Digger Dooley or Milf McGrath could have.

Who do you get instead? You put former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at the top table and tell him to say a few words. Sure Seanie Fitz was just acquitted. Maybe he could have dropped by and said a few words while he was at it.

The truth of the matter is – some former Fianna Fáil cabinet ministers are still so toxic they’d put Chernobyl to shame. Everyone except Micheál Martin, because he was only a cabinet minister for fourteen years.

Bertie is a shameless self publicist. He would have been well aware what he was about say would have been reported back to the media.

Bertie told the soldiers of destiny at the rally “We still all support the party. We still all support Fianna Fáil.

“I don’t think much of the leader, I think you all know that. I’m not going to say anything nice about him,” he said.

He also said “The party is doing fairly brutal, I’m not a member but this is a meeting of supporters for Brian. But that’s the hard reality”

Whatever about the political stupidity of wilfully being associated with Bertie, the former Taoiseach was there to rally the troops, not to piss all over Micheál Martin and make himself the story.

So Brian, may I feel so bold as to suggest some alternative people to address your next rally. Someone with a bit more gravitas and who is not as toxic as Bertie.

  • The troika – you get three for one.
  • Oliver Cromwell – to hell or to the Seanad
  • Fingers Fingelton
  • The Black and Tans
  • Sean Dunne
  • Ian Paisley
  • Kim Jong-un
  • Angela Kerins
  • Eamon Gilmore
  • John Waters
  • Brian Cowen

Any of the above should suffice.

Bonus video: Brian disavows Bertie and when asked why Fianna Fáil do not have a TD in Dublin? He blames people “moving from all over the country to Dublin” and bringing “their anger with them”.  I’m surprised he didn’t continue with them fecking culchies taking our jobs and our women.


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