Left wing anti-abortion local election candidate undone by sexist meme

Sure it could happen to any of us. You post a sexist meme to Facebook and it ends your political career before it even begins.

Thomas Carty was the locally endorsed Anti Austerity Alliance candidate in Tullamore for the up coming local elections. The AAA is basically a front for the Socialist Party and the far left. Socialism is a dirty word in Ireland, so they feel a little rebranding might help them at the ballot box.

Alas, Thomas has been undone by a combination of the internal machinations of the Anti Austerity Alliance, his own stupidity and some googling. He recently posted this meme to Facebook.

The National Steering Group of the anti-austerity Alliance is made up of seven well meaning souls that have the final say on who can run under their political banner. They decided not to endorse Carty’s candidacy after revelations about his facebook memes, and further investigations in to his anti-abortion views were revealed to them by Galway poet Kevin Higgins.

The nub of the issue appears to be that the AAA didn’t vet Mr Carty properly. In their defence, they don’t have the resources other parties do. They don’t have party handlers they can send around the country to vet prospective candidates, so they have to rely on googling a fella and hope they like the cut of his jib. 

Carty issued an unintentionally hilarious mea culpa in a statement posted on Facebook.

Some quotes from the statement posted to Facebook  – “A highly organised campaign by Kevin Higgins – a “British” poet from Galway according to his Wikipedia entry, forced the AAA’s hand on the issue.”

“The revolution wont be happening in Tullamore anytime soon!!!!”

“A party with a pro-life and left wing stance will be launched in the coming months.. Keep an eye out for posts. I may yet stand as an independent, have not decided yet.” 

This must be a first by a local election candidate…… Calling on people to have the right to make a meme.

“A smokescreen also has been used of where I posted laddish memes and suchlike on my Facebook wall, which were meant tongue in cheek, likes and commented on my many women, which is used as further justification, claiming that it demeans women and is misogynistic.” I reject that, and welcome any memes that take the proverbial out of men from women, and have posted such myself, but which have been ignored”. 

I must say, I agree with Mr Carty’s sentiment……..



You can read Mr. Carty’ statement HERE.


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One Response to Left wing anti-abortion local election candidate undone by sexist meme

  1. Fred says:

    This is sexist? Feic off.


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