Neil Prendeville left feeling exposed again

Keith Barry, Irish mentalist (aren’t we all), hypnotist and magician took to twitter Facebook today to expose some churlish behaviour from Red FM’s Neil Prendeville. Kieth had just appeared on rival station Cork’s 96FM chatting with PJ Coogan. Keith got told whilst waiting in reception that “Neil doesn’t want to interview him”.




Keith posted to Facebook –  “Neil Prendeville, new to the station refused to have me on because I had just been on 96. I thought it was a wind-up at first as they had asked for no exclusivity and actually asked me 2 days prior to develop new material to perform on his fellow DJ KC which took me hours to do. These are hours I could have spent doing other things. It’s interesting to me how Neil quickly forgot that I was one of his supporters during his ‘unfortunate incident’ and my manger sent an email of support from us to the station manager at the time”.  

He went on to say – “Neil was not even courteous enough to face me himself. The reason I write this is not to whine – it’s to warn other professionals away from amateurs like Neil as the same could happen to them when such egos are out of control. I’m now off to quickly text my mates in showbiz and tell them to avoid his show as we don’t have time for this nonsense. Perhaps one day Neil will return to his professionalism and return back to Earth with a hard bump” 

Neil might need some more painkillers if the tabloids run with the story. The unfortunate incident Keith refers to – is from the time when Neil apologised for allegedly exposing himself in front of a woman and two air hostesses, on an Aer Lingus flight from London. Sure we’ve all been there.

The ongoing war over listenership between Red FM and Cork’s 96 FM took a hilarious turn last week when 96Fm posted this picture to Facebook.


Media and Public Relations darlings close to to the mouth of the south were quick to tell anyone that would listen, that Neil was none too happy with the stunt after the picture went viral on Facebook and twitter. We won’t know how many people in Cork played with their knobs till next May. The next set of JNLR radio listnership figures are due out then.

You can read Keiths Facebook post HERE.


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