Mick Wallace is guilty of far worse than crimes against fashion

Some would say Mick Wallace is guilty of a few things. He once threatened to set a hitman on a fellow developer who owed him £20,000. Then there was the under-declaring of around €1.4m in VAT. There was the time he pleaded guilty to 5 charges of not paying into his employees’ pension scheme on time.

But it’s his so called crimes against fashion that seem to get peoples attention on social media. This evening he was pictured sporting a lady bird earring on the six-one news.



A few weeks ago, he was sporting the soccer jersey of Italian Serie A side, Torino, in the Dail. Who are sponsored by a sausage maker.


Despite his dishevelled appearance, Wallace is an articulate and educated man. Mick transferred his €500,000 Italian villa and vineyard to his brother – at the same time he was defrauding the revenue of €1.4m. Wallace and his son, doubled their company salaries to just under €300,000, around the time the VAT fraud was being committed and when his company was losing money. So much for the story he defrauded the revenue to save jobs. Mick also owes the banks over €20m and the revenue is owed €2.1m in tax and penalties arising from his tax fraud.

Mick is no man of the people and is guilty of things far worse than crimes against fashion. 



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2 Responses to Mick Wallace is guilty of far worse than crimes against fashion

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