Twitters anti semitic Irish

Last week, someone or some organisation sent white powder and anti-Semitic material to the home of Minister Alan Shatter on Wednesday morning. They sent this photograph to his home.



The man in the photograph on the centre left is Albert Forster – who was the Nazi Party’s Gauleiter (local Nazi Party leader) of the City of Danzig. Forster was such an ardent Nazi he even had Hitler and Rudolph Hess as witnesses at his wedding. In a speech Forster said – “Poles and Jews are not human”and”Jews are not humans, and must be eradicated like vermin. Mercy towards Jews is reprehensible. Any means of destruction of Jews is desirable.”

This charming fellow was responsible for the exportation of tens of thousands of Jews and Poles to concentration camps and the infamous mass murders in Piaśnica, Poland. Between 12,000 and 16,000 Jews, Czechs and German inmates from mental hospitals were gunned down and buried in mass graves in the area where Forster was Gauleiter. He was executed for his crimes against humanity after the war.

So you just have to ask yourself: What goes through these wacky anti-Semites tiny little brains? On what level does anyone think – that it is ok to send our Jewish Minister for Justice, a picture of the guy that had Hitler as his best man at his wedding and went on to be responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people.

Voltaire said – Common sense is not so common. Social media proves common sense is not so common on a daily basis. Racists, homophobes and whatever bottom of the gene pool prejudices that exist can be found on social media, especially twitter. Instant 140 character soundbites are all too easy a way to disseminate messages of hate. Reporting them to twitter is pointless and futile. Twitter only act in extreme cases – usually only when overwhelming adverse publicity is involved for the company. So, I had a look at twitter to see if there was any evidence of anti-semitism on twitter in Ireland. None of the people below are involved or connected to the investigation into the material sent to Minister Shatters house. They are anti-semites, racists and homphobes though.

Lets start with Patrick Talbot, or Pad_Ban as he goes by on twitter. See, the likes of Mr.Talbot are the really dangerous. The shirt and tie, the bespectacled veneer of respectability whispering about the evil of Jews and blacks and immigration. Mr. Talbot has run in a by-election, general election and a local election. He got 614 first preference votes in the 2009 Dublin Central by-election. 614 1st preferences votes too many.


Pad ban 2


Pad ban 3


Pad ban 4


Unemployed dad-of-eight Michael Quinn is the head of the Irish Nationalist Brotherhood, they desribe themselves as “White Nationalist Revolutionaries.” Their motto is BUA NÓ BÁS (Victory or Death). The group is openly anti-Jewish, anti-gay and wants an end to all “non-European” immigration into Ireland. Quinn who has been linked to anti abortion group – Youth defence, ran on an anti- abortion platform in Dun Laoghaire in 1992 and on an anti-imiigration platform in Carlow-Killkenny in 1997.  Geoff Short has a more in depth look at Quinn and his ilk HERE






@EireCalling is another coward that has been getting in on the act lately.


eire calling 1

eire 2

eire 3

eire 4


All below are Irish people.


shatter 2

Shatter 3



The genius below was stupid enough to have himself geo-tagged in his tweet. Which showed exactly where he lived.

shatter 5

It goes international….



To live anywhere in Ireland today and to judge people because of race, color or creed is not only wrong, it is stupid. It displays a lack of intelligence, humanity, compassion and reason.


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