Which Fine Gael local election candidate wrote a raunchy book?

Mixing sex and politics is generally a bad idea, as Patrick Nulty found out last week. Writing about sex and politics is ok though. Just ask Alan Shatter, his raunchy novel ‘Laura’ has sold over 20,000 copies.

Alan Shatter is not the only Fine Gael member that has written a raunchy novel. Meet Josepha Madigan, a Fine Gael local election hopeful in the Stillorgan ward for South Dublin County Council.



The blurb for the book says – Sassy solicitor Helene McBain has spent the last few years getting what she wants and who she wants. Rising through the ranks of a high profile Dublin law firm, she has professional as well as sexual recognition. Her story is set against the last groans of the celtic tiger. She works among, has relationships with, and represents the movers and shakers who created it. 

The novel has fraud, embezzlement, political corruption and blackmail together with lots of sex and an unexpected pregnancy. Sounds like something you’d read in the Sunday Independent.

When not writing sexy novels and being a Fine Gael local election candidate Josepha is a legal eagle specialising in family law and has had another book published by Jordan Publishing called; Appropriate Dispute Resolution – (ADR) In Ireland A Handbook for Family Lawyers and their Clients. Coincidentally this book was launched by Alan Shatter. A more sobering read one suspects. 

If anymore Fine Gael members write raunchy novels they should consider changing the name of the party to Feel A Gael.  

You can read an excerpt from Negligent Behaviour and buy Ms Madigan’s novel here.



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