Phil Prendergast MEP is touting for votes on gay dating app Grindr

Phil Prendergast, Labour MEP for Ireland South, is touting for an auld scratch at the ballot box for the upcoming European elections on Grindr. What is Grindr? It is basically the most popular dating app for gay men in Ireland.

It is unique and probably a first, for an Irish politician or political party advertise on an app, especially one of the most popular apps not only in Ireland, but worldwide.


Hat tip to Rob Cas

This new turn in Irish political advertising is a testament to the ever changing relationship between technology and politics and how politicians utilise social media to boost their profiles and canvass for votes. It remains to be seen what impact paid advertising on apps such as Grindr will have an Irish politics. How much did Phil Prendergast pay to advertise on Grindr?


Ad specs

specsData sources

Targeted advertising is important. If you’re looking to drop the hand or lob the gob the last thing you will want to see is a message from a politician. Also, 51% of Grindr users are aged between 18-30. The exact demographic that votes the least. Phil is will lose her seat and is probably wasting her limited funds advertising on Grindr. 10 out of 10 for thinking outside the box and trying to get out the gay vote in Cashel. Just don’t expect to see Ronan Mullen advertising on Grindr anytime soon….




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