Irish anti-semite forgets to switch off twitter geo-tagging

If you’re going to be racist or homophobic on social media it is probably best to stay anonymous. The backlash can be fierce and unforgiving. It’s only natural that the recent Garda controversy would raise people’s hackles. People are quite right to be upset and angry. Should the Minister Shatters religion be an issue? No it should not. If religion was symptomatic of poor political judgement then there would be catholic pogroms in Clara. Then there is this idiot @murf_eire


Alas our anonymous internet anti-semite as is usually the case with these cretins, is not very smart. Eagle eyed James Cussen noticed that our intrepid anti-semite had geo-tagged himself and his location. What happens when you geo-tag yourself? This does – it shows the area and sometimes the exact spot where you sent the message/tweet from. As Patrick Nulty found out last week. Below is the location from where the offending tweet was sent which was available on his twitter accout; Which I have redacted.


Check his twitter timeline, and you discover his name is Mr Wayne Murphy of Co. Westmeath.


First rule of being anti-semite: Don’t forget to turn off your geo-tagging when trying to stay anonymous, otherwise it makes it terribly easy for the Gardai to find you.



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3 Responses to Irish anti-semite forgets to switch off twitter geo-tagging

  1. My2centsPlyr says:

    Excellent work! These knuckledraggers should be named and shamed. It reminds me of Joe Loughnane’s anti-semitic outburst recorded in NUI Galway a few weeks ago

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done for highlighting this disgraceful Comment. I spotted it on Twitter and asked Mr Murphy to withdraw the tweet and apologise.

  3. Paul Duggan says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.

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