The Ben Gilroy Show

Ben Gilroy has his own chat show. A group of his friends have set up a TV Network Channel called Ireland’s Independent network.

The video was originally posted to this website – Get out of debt free. It is basically a website selling snake oil. The site preys on those that are vulnerable and in financial dire straits.

The blurb for the show says:

“The idea of this channel is to give a voice to the unheard, and cover topics rarely discussed on RTE such as, Fluoride, banking, the legal system and courts, repossessions, the freemen, the freemasons, fracking, oil and gas, turf cutting, shell to sea, and anything that the people want to discuss. 

Please don’t go too hard on me for the pilot show and claim it’s a DDI propaganda machine I promise it isn’t and wont be, but as it’s a pilot show and nobody has heard about it yet its difficult to get guests for the first show.
We hope to have other small independent filmmakers display their talents on the channel and any other ideas are welcome, but now we a serious platform for all voices to be heard.

We ran our pilot show to AERTV and they are willing to broadcast on their platform at we also hope to broadcast on a SKY channel soon. We hope to fund this by selling small cheap ads to small to medium enterprises who couldn’t normally afford such ads.

Please enjoy, comment, suggest guests or topics or ideas all appreciated. Please share to anyone you think would like to be a guest or other. Thanks Ben Gilroy”   

If you can ignore the 70’s porn music intro, the fake clapping and the plants that look like they’ve had Botox, the concept is not a bad one. Gilroy interviews Jan Van de Ven the new leader of Direct Democracy Ireland, Raymond Whitehead founder of DDI and Garda whistleblower John Wilson.

Throughout the hour-long show (Yes, a whole of hour of listening to Ben Gilroy), You see a number they want you to text.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 21.53.00

So what happens when you text “change” to this number.  You get this reply.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 21.57.46


Ben Gilroy says, it is not “a DDI propaganda machine I promise it isn’t and won’t be”, it clearly is. The text cost 15c. I do not know if getting a phone call from a member of DDI is worth the 15c, but I shall humour whomever calls.

Despite the poor fare from the Late Late show in recent months and TV3 dumbing down TV to unprecedented levels, I don’t think they will be rushing to snap up the Ben Gilroy Show anytime soon.

If you have an hour of your life you’d like to waste.


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