Sinn Féin Cllr John Brady gets served with eviction notice

Wicklow County Councillor John Brady has been in the wars lately. Only last week he was forced to reject claims that he staged a photo with drug syringes as an election stunt. Brady claims he found the syringes in the back garden of a boarded-up council house in Fassaroe, Bray. The syringes didn’t look like they were used and why was a Cllr rummaging around a boarded up house looking for a photo-op?

Brady’s latest war with Wicklow County Council has come about because they are trying to evict him from his council house where he has lived in Bray for the last thirteen years.


Brady doesn’t specify what work he did to the house, but he does blame the council for drug dealers and anti social behaviour. What that has to do with him being evicted I’m not quite sure. Wicklow County have refused to comment on the case claiming data protection issues prevent them from doing so. Brady the consummate populist politician will no doubt use this to try to benefit him at the ballot box.

Brady is the kind of Councillor that likes to highlight all that is wrong with his town. Selfies with syringes and degenerating local council staff won’t be good enough if he wants to play senior hurling and become a TD. People like to feel proud of where they come from also.

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7 Responses to Sinn Féin Cllr John Brady gets served with eviction notice

  1. Anonymous says:

    The sad thing is people will actually fall for this BS!

  2. adomack1965 says:

    The syringe issue is an interesting one, the truth of the matter afaik is that this issue was brought to the attention of John Brady after the council had been informed and did nothing about it, this was done by a local who lived in the estate. John got an appropriate disposal box and removed the needles to safety away from children.the second issue of blaming the council is so far off the mark that it is not funny, he is making a comparison between his family being harassed by the council and the lack of oversight of ant-social behaviour in some council estates, simple I think.In relation to people feeling good about where they come from, im sure that the residents of the estate that john brady lives on are mighty proud of their place especially when john organises the residents to get out and clean and tidy every year…. as for election 2009 john was elected on the first count in the town and county elections. so as they say sir or madam your argument is so full of holes its sieve like, it is also lacking in basic research and is loaded with bias.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Shock horror as SFer posts on blog defending SFer.

      • adomack1965 says:

        interestingly yet again wrong wrong wrong, I am not a sinn feiner as you call it, family would traditionally be labour, would have voted for liz mcmanus and anne ferris, i know john through a community action group, one of the few councillors willing to get involved and support us in getting flood protection works. so i have first hand experience of the man at work. strong ethical politician..

      • Paul Duggan says:

        He’s so ethical he plagiarised a press release or was he too lazy?

        Im sorry fella. You’re not going to change my mind on this. There are lots of other politicians that have topped the polls and have been elected on the first count in their various constituencies also. Just because you top the poll or are elected on the first count don’t make you all that. Gerry Adams topped the poll in Louth even though he is responsible for the murder of women and children. Bertie Ahern topped the poll in his constituency even after it was revealed he was on the take.

        Brady is not Adams or Bertie but getting elected on the first count means nothing. He is shamelessly exploiting the deaths of people for his own political gain.

        As for him being evicted from his house. The Council would have to get a court order to get him evicted, are you saying now the court is corrupt? He broke the rules of his contract in getting a council house, yet does he believe, as a councillor, he is immune to rules. It would appear so.

  3. pete doherthy says:

    Ahem, everyone in Bray knows about the Council…

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