Meet the local election candidate endorsed by Shane Ross.

Continuing in the series of blog posts highlighting the off the wall batshit musings of local election candidates, today I look at Deirdre O’Donovan. Deirdre is running for South Dublin Council and has been endorsed by Shane Ross – last seen trying to summon Jesus to the Public Accounts Committee.

Regular political loons reading this blog will know that some politicians would say mass if they thought it’d get them an auld scratch at the ballot box. Deirdre is one such undesirable.

Deirdre’s latest blog post very seriously tells us –

‘One of the jewels of the nation’s sporting crown – Ballyboden St. Endas – is now removed from our community constituency’

‘This decision was approved by the current County Councillors – mainly Fine Gael & Labour politicians’

Ballyboden St.Enda’s is a marvellous facility, but it’s big, you can’t miss it. So where’s it being transferred to I wonder? Kerry? God forbid, Ballymun? Worse still, Cork? Nope…..

Deirdre solemnly tells us – ‘The very heart of the village – St. Colmcilles Church, National School and Knocklyon Shopping Centre – have been moved to the Templeogue/Terenure Ward away from our community and neighbours and in with the people of Clondalkin and Ballymount’

Ah ok, Deirdre is objecting to the redrawing of the local electoral boundaries and Ballyboden St.Enda’s is not being moved to Cork. Although Dierdre does a pretty could job of making the people of Clondakin and Ballymount sound pretty undeserving of such a facility.

Deirdre also wants you to hold local election candidates to account –

“If you are unhappy with the boundary changes, make sure you mention it when the main political party politicians come calling at your door in the run up to the election on 23rd May.”

A quick phone call to Shane Ross and Deirdre could have found out that it was the Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee that redrew the boundary and not the “main political parties”.

Who are these political hucksters and charlatans who had the temerity to redraw the boundary?

The members of the Committee are:

Mr. Gerry Kearney, former Secretary General of the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, who is the Chairperson;

Mr. Joe Beirne, former Director of Services, Mayo County Council;

Professor Gary Murphy, Head of the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University;

Mr. Peter McCann, former Principal Officer in the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government;

Ms. Marian Vickers, Chief Executive, Northside Partnership, Dublin.

All upstanding members of the community. Not a politician to be seen. BallyBoden St. Enda’s isn’t moving anywhere and will continue to serve the community as it always has. No one will lose out on its facilities and that was the batshit musings of an ill-informed candidate endorsed by his holiness Shane Ross.

Next up – The anti-fluoride politicians in Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Féin that will harm your kids if you vote for them. 

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7 Responses to Meet the local election candidate endorsed by Shane Ross.

  1. Daniel says:

    And I thought Shane Ross was one of those opposed to politicians interference in matters that affect them directly. What next pols ate paid too much so lobby them so that they would have the power to decide their pay themselves

  2. Paul, you are 100% right – Government doesn’t redraw boundaries. I understand that Phil Hogan ‘instructed’ the people above but yes, they are independent in their decision making. I live in Knocklyon but am originally from Clondalkin (my parents still live there as do my two brothers). I cannot see how the areas could be logically lumped together given the socio-economic disparities and basically completely differing needs of a council rep. But then maybe these are just the batshit musings of an ill-informed citizen.

    I’m sure Deirdre will clarify/correct when she gets a chance – she isn’t afraid to be wrong (yes I do know her) and to be corrected – who would want a candidate who was?

    But, unlike yourself, she’ll do it with manners. If your tone was less accusatory and self-congratulatory, maybe your message would be more meaningful.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Hi Tracie, When Deridre published her blog she had two replies on twitter saying she was in fact wrong. She wrote two blog pieces on the issue that were factually incorrect. The only people that have the power to redraw the boundaries are as mentioned above.

      “As for socio-economic disparities and basically completely differing needs of a council rep.” Are you seriously suggesting that a less well off area and more well to do area should have different public represtitives? There’s a name for that. its called economic aparthied. Public reps are there to serve all the people not some of the people.

      Finally it is my blog. I assume the thousands of people that read my blog every month do so, becuase I highlight the batshit musings of the ilinformed politician. I accused the candidate of nothing. I just pointed where she was wrong.

  3. I lived in Clondalkin all my life, I went to school there, my parents still live there. The election literature they receive focuses on Clondalkin and it’s particular issues (mental health supports, housing lists, local authority housing and estate maintenance). And the candidates all state that you should vote for them because they are ‘born and bred’ Clondalkin and they are immersed in the local community – the usual stuff and that they will ensure that your property tax is spent appropriately in Clondalkin. Hello? Over here in Knocklyon? Anything you have to say to us about how you plan to use our property tax?

    Call it what you like, it makes zero sense. I’m not seriously suggesting it – I’m seriously stating it and maybe in a few months I’ll be seriously living it.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      That rant makes absolutely no sense.

      Firstly I’m not a politician. I won’t be spending “your property tax anywhere”.
      Secondly, I know you and the candidate are for economic apartheid you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.

      Finally your candidate told two massive spoofs. That’s her problem and the 1,167 people that have read this piece.

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