Cllr Oliver Morgan and the curious case of the explicit video uploaded to Facebook from his account

Independent Town Cllr and local election candidate Oliver Morgan is literally the talk of the town in Dundalk again. Political loons may remember Cllr Morgan from 2010 after he was forced to step down from Fianna Fáil after he was forced to deny he was grooming boys online. Cllr Morgan’s laptop was seized by Gardai after they executed a warrant at his home on foot of the allegations. The director of public prosecutions subsequently informed him that no charges were to be made arising from the allegations.

Last week the Dundalk Town Councillor indicated that he had made a complaint to Gardai after he claimed his Facebook account was hacked. An explicit video of an undentifiable man masturbating was uploaded to Dundalk friends photos and craic page from Cllr Morgans Facebook account.

Ollie Morgan

Councillor Morgan has a credibility problem. While he is maintaining he is the victim of a hacker (sure don’t they all), he told the Dundalk Democrat a completely different story.

“Unfortunately I was the victim of a very cruel and insensitive trick.” “I returned to hear giggling from the room and I checked the laptop and it was clear that one of the two people who were at my house uploaded this video.”

“I asked the person who uploaded to video to leave the house”

“I was fraped”

This clearly contradicts what he said on his Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 20.43.38

Let’s hope he didn’t report it to the same Gardai that are investigating other politicians that claimed they were hacked. I’m not looking at you Michael “Milf” McGrath or Alan “Pikey” Kelly. We’re still eagerly awaiting the outcomes of those investigations……





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One Response to Cllr Oliver Morgan and the curious case of the explicit video uploaded to Facebook from his account

  1. john says:

    He should be locked up


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