Local election candidate issues press release of the year

Sean Tyrell an Independent candidate running in the upcoming local elections has been in the news recently because it turns out his Facebook page had more likes from Bursa in Turkey than in Ballymun where he is running.

Sean’s latest missive, a press release he sent to all major news outlets is aimed at Linda Martin and her late late show bust up with Billy McGuiness. Can’t for the life of me think why they didn’t follow-up…..

Sean seemed to draw some conclusions from watching Linda and Billy’s fight on the late late show. When I say conclusions, I mean he must have been watching something else on another channel in Spanish or maybe Mongolian.

It contains such gems as……

‘Clearly you were implying that Billy McGuinness has never met an intelligent woman before, basically saying that the women of Dublin North West are stupid?’

‘As most people will know Billy is from the Dublin North West area, as are all members of Aslan, which includes my hometown of Ballymun A strong working class area of Dublin North west, and I believe it is safe to assume that you feel that the women of Ballymun, Dublin North west and in fact any woman Billy has ever talked to are in some way inferior to you, that you believe that you are more intelligent than all those women?’

‘This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but I have actually had a LOT of intelligent conversations and debates with many women around the North West of Dublin, and in Ballymun’

‘You see Linda, while you are off living in your own little fantasy world, the vast majority of women Billy would have spoken to, especially in the Dublin North West area, have been living in the real world, and would actually have the intelligence to think before they speak, especially on live T.V.’

‘So despite what you may think of the intelligence of the women of Dublin North west, They are far more intelligent than you, a washed up singer’

 ‘You May have noticed I keep referring to the women of Ballymun and Dublin North West, well that is because we all know that in the process of trying to insult Billy, you made a stupid snap decision to try and put him down because of the area he is from.’

 ‘I would therefore like to call on you to make a public apology to every woman Billy McGuinness has spoken to, especially those of the Dublin North West area, for insulting their intelligence, and effectively calling them stupid on live prime time television.

Press release of the year?


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