No mention of Labour on Emer Costello’s posters!

Today Labour delegates at a special convention in Liberty Hall endorsed Emer Costello the former Lord Mayor of Dublin as their only candidate in Dublin for the upcoming European elections in May. Costello is a sitting MEP. She replaced Proinsias De Rossa who retired from politics in February of 2012.


Over the weekend posters of Emer went up at dart stations and bus stops around Dublin, albeit without the Labour Party logo. Although there are no official rules on the use of logo’s in election material, candidates are usually issued with style guidelines from party headquarters.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 19.48.37

Dublin’s MEP no less, not Labour’s it would appear. Not putting a party logo on your campaign poster or election literature is not new. You would’ve been hard pressed to find the Fianna Fáil logo on some their candidate’s election paraphernalia in the 2009 local election and 2011 general election. The rationale being – a candidate is seeking to minimise any damage at the ballot box due to their party’s low standing in the polls and with the public.

It didn’t save those Fianna Fáil candidates that lost their seats and it certainly won’t work for Emer.

The Costello’s are synonymous with Labour. Emer is a former Lord Mayor of Dublin. Her husband is Joe Costello, Labour’s Dublin Central TD and Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Emer’s sister is also a Labour Senator, Mary Moran. You can’t shake a Labour branch in Dublin without someone from the Costello clan falling out of a tree.

In fairness, the poster does tell us, that the MEP is a member of the Socialists and Democrats in Europe. Cause we know that socialism and democracy wasnt always the case. Glad the poster clarified that…..



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3 Responses to No mention of Labour on Emer Costello’s posters!

  1. Flemingway61 says:

    Reblogged this on The Working Class Heroes.

  2. Stephen P says:

    Hi Paul, love the blog, rumour mill around LH today says that Clare based Senator Martin Conway will seek the nomination for Ireland South – any truth to it?

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Hi, thanks Stephen. There are a couple of TDs and Senators from FG interested in seeking the nomination for Ireland south. Simon Harris, Andrew Doyle, Kehoe and JP Phelan to name a few. It would be unlikely Senator Conway would be on the ticket, given his geographic proximity to Kelly.

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