‘Children living with gay people could easily pick up aids’ – Mid West radio Ireland

Mid West radio is a station that primarily serves the Mayo area. An email was read out live on air this morning, that claimed – ‘children living with gay people could easily pick up aids’. Quite frankly this one of the most disturbing and shocking things I have ever listened to. The nonchalant way the presenter read this out is disturbing. I have written in the past about the arguments that will be used against same sex marriage, I didn’t include incitement to hatred and out right homophobia.

The presenter should have acknowledged that this was not a reasonable opinion to hold and that it has no basis in science.

Transcript of the email – The plan to introduce same sex marriages must be defeated. It is a crazy idea. We must show true compassion for all of society by stamping out homosexuality altogether. We must remind all of where the AIDS epidemic started. We must remind people of the bizarre sexual lifestyle they lead. We must point out that if children were to live with such people (i.e. gays) they could easily pick up AIDS. Yes, these people will be hurt by some of what we have to say and that is hard on them but we must protect the health of our nation.

Complaints can be made to studio@midwestradio.ie.


UPDATE : Presenter Tommy Marren issues an unreserved apology – MID WEST RADIO APOLOGY


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19 Responses to ‘Children living with gay people could easily pick up aids’ – Mid West radio Ireland

  1. Good God. This is 2014! Seems like the presenter didn’t even bat an eyelid when he got the email

  2. What a shower of pricks. I’m not surprised though, half my family are from Mayo and barring one or two exceptions they’re all troglodytic bastards.

    • Colonius81 says:

      ha that’s harsh on Mayo people! the email could of been from a
      person from another county for all we know

      • I was talking about my family Colonius and that they actually are precisely like this, barring a couple of them.

      • Colonius81 says:

        fair enough!. its still a shocking email to read out over the air unchallenged and without any context by the presenter.
        if say you or i wrote an email in saying that mayo people are ignorant inbred people .. they would react very differently .. either the presenter would challenge it or put it in context once he read it or they would not read it aloud ..because it affects their core listenership ..even though its as factually or medically accurate as the comment about kids getting aids from gays if they live with them. ( which is not very accurate at all)
        bad form midwest radio .. and weak journalism

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Unfair Amanda to degenerate the whole of Mayo like that. Theres not a county in ireland that doesnt have these odious cretins.

      • Paul I spent a huge part of my life with MY FAMILY in Mayo, and sorry but that’s what so so so many of them are like. And if you notice I said MY family are trogs. A supposedly somewhat well educated and travelled family at that.

    • chronic speaks says:

      Ahh here. I’m sure that your western relatives look upon you in a similar vein. Saying things like that makes you sound even more backward and bigoted than any person in the west. Personally I think so little of you I don’t even think you will read this or even have the intelligence to decipher your what I’m saying, so here’s a summary. ” you bigot, you disgust me and my follow citizens”

      • Chronic, my opinion of members of my family who, I know with absolute certainty, would hold fast to the views expressed in that email is the perception of, and calling out of bigotry for what it is.

        Your casting dispersions at my intelligence with a message that has multiple spelling and grammar errors, in a message positively dripping with bile and venom…pot calling the kettle darling.

        Now why don’t you wander back into your nice troll cave.

  3. Colonius81 says:

    I am from mayo … thats apallingly ignorant opinion. The presenter maybe should of pointed out the medical and scientific inaccuracy of that statement at the very least. i know he was probably trying to appear neutral. that doesn’t mean you can just spout shite ..
    honestly though its the west of ireland I am sure if you put the topic of can women drive or should they have vote you would receive equally “hilarious” emails

  4. Philip says:

    Who ever sent that in needs to be shot and as for the presenter reading it out live on air well he should get the sack. I am sickened that such a thing would be read out on the radio.The station need to do something about this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    IN fairness to the presenter he has apologised perfusely this morning saying he didn’t proof read the email before he read it out on air. It’s the person who sent the email who should be questioned. Obvisously the woman hasn’t a clue

  6. Elma O'Callaghan says:

    Ignorance is no excuse for bad behaviour, especially when it breeds hatred and fear. Radio and television presenters should be held accountable for their actions, when during the course of their duty, a story becomes controversial and based on unfounded statistical facts. When it is so outlandishly bizarre then the onus is on the presenter to pull the plug. On HIV: The World Health Organisation has determined these facts, In the UK, it was estimated that 91,500 people had HIV at the end of 2010, of whom nearly a quarter (24 per cent) did not know they had HIV. Of those living with HIV, 44 per cent were gay men and 45 per cent had been infected though heterosexual sex. In Ireland, to date, 6,629 people have been diagnosed with HIV in Ireland since the early 1980’s. Heterosexual contact accounted for 38% of new diagnoses in 2012.
    Anyone who believes that children living in a loving home are at risk from serious infectious diseases, doesn’t know the meaning of love, as most parents would do anything to protect a child. This madness needs to be stopped. In England last week same sex equality was blamed for floods, storms and all sorts of catastrophe. Maybe some of these eegits need to read a book, go back to school or at least get out of the house more and actually see what is really happening out there. Go to inner cities and see the homelessness, go to a hospice and see people who are fighting for their lives. Grow up and be responsible adults and stop spreading such fear and hatred.

  7. As somebody who works in radio, I don’t believe the presenter (Tommy Marren) did anything wrong. The person who wrote the email was entitled to voice their opinion (albeit a backward and ignorant view). Marren reads opinions regularly without personal comment and this one was no different. Anybody who wished could respond and that would be read out too. Of course there is no proof that a child living in a gay household could get aids. Is there any proof that that same child could not get aids? Of course not, yet you wouldn’t expect the presenter to dispute that. Presenters are now curtailed from giving personal opinion, thanks to recent legislation, so Marren very much relies on listener feedback and comments to drive the debate. I feel he should not apologise for reading the email in a neutral tone. This is independent radio, not the bland censored one sided tripe that regularly comes out of D4. Say three Hail Mary’s for the author of the email and then have YOUR say!

  8. Paul Duggan says:

    Mid-West Radio presenter apologises for offensive text which was aired on Wednesday last.

    Midwest Radio current-affairs presenter Tommy Marren has today issued an unreserved apology to listeners who were offended by a listener text message which was broadcast on the station on Wednesday morning last, January 22nd, where it was suggested that children of gay couples could develop AIDS.

    In a statement today Wednesday Mr. Marren – who has presented the award-winning programme for over 20 years – issued an unreserved apology live on air and said it was a serious misjudgement on his part to air the comments.

    ‘Having an unblemished track-record of over 20 years in current-affairs broadcasting on Midwest Radio I hold my hands up and openly admit I got this very wrong. I can only state the truth which is that this was human error – no more and no less. I did not read the text message before airing it which was the first error of judgement and the second error was not counteracting the ludicrous sentiments expressed in it.

    I am extremely sorry for any hurt the broadcast of the text has caused listeners of all persuasions and fully acknowledge that it should not have happened. In apologising to listeners this morning I also spoke to a member of the gay community and conducted a lively debate about the stigmas and difficulties that the gay community in Ireland still face.

    Having dealt with the subject on hundreds of occasions over the years I would hope that I have always treated the subject with impartiality and balance but on this occasion I completely misjudged the content of the points raised by the listener and should have dealt with it in a more professional manner.

    In conclusion, I hope that those with an interest in the topic will accept my apology and be assured that neither I personally, nor Midwest Radio, intended to cause any hurt to any member of the gay community.’

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