Your WTF Irish political moments of 2013. (videos)

If a politician has the misfortune of saying or doing something stupid it will undoubtedly make its way to YouTube. This year has been a classic. From Senator Terry Leyden telling the Seanad that Hitler and Mussolini were ‘good christians’, To Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh uttering the immortal words ‘amazeyballs’. This year, the Seanad, wins the award for the some of the most bizzare remarks ever made in the history of Irish politics.

Fianna Fáil Senator Paschal Mooney said – he will not get into a taxi if it is being driven by a ‘non national’. He later apologised for his remarks and said he had nothing against any non nationals and every house should have one. 



Fianna Fáil Senator Terry Leyden tells the Seanad – Hitler and Mussolini were ‘good christians’. He followed that up by saying Cromwell was a decent fellow and Stalin was just misunderstood.



In the same week, Senator Mary Ann O’Brien, co-founder of Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates, decided to give a massive fuck you to science and informed the Seanad that fluoride in water can give you certain types of cancer and down syndrome. Looking forward to her reaction when she discovers a link between sugary sweeties and diabetes.

The crazy really went up a notch during the abortion debate.

Fianna Fáil Senator Jim Walsh knows of a woman that’s gone for her sixth abortion this year.



During an abortion debate on the Vincent Browne show, Peter Mathews TD, told the nation – ‘we’re all going to die anyway’. Ensuring he wins insensitive gob-shite of the year award.



Vincent Browne has become to social media – what viagra is to auld fellas with heart problems. A fella cant get worked up late at night without either. Here, Vincent spit roasts Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, it turned out Ming had more points on his licence than Ireland won at the Eurovision.



Fine Gael TD Tom Barry decided to pull Aine Collins onto his lap during a vote on abortion. Eagle eyed political anoraks quickly spotted it, and Tom was the first Irish politican to feature on CNN that didn’t involve the banking crisis or the peace process.



It wouldn’t be the Seanad without David Norris. In typical hyperbolic Norris fashion, talking through his own hole, he accuses Regina Doherty of talking out through her fanny.



Fidelma Healy-Eames describes being raped on Facebook. The whole country picked their jaws up off the floor.



Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan asks Fegus O’Dowd, would he drink glorified piss.  Then proceeds to march across the aisle and plonk a glass of glorified piss in front of the Minister.



Sinn Féin’s Aengus Ó Snodaigh described the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill as not ‘amazey-balls’. Before he popped a cap in yo ass and got down with the mo-fo’s. The Sinn Fein TD confusing south central L.A for Dublin South central no doubt.



Video Credits – Politico.ieHugh O’Connell/TheJournal and


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