Canvassers Beware!

Winston Churchill said – The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. But that was before the era of spin and social media. If a politician were to say the same thing today he would be guaranteed to lose his or her seat at the next election.

An essential part of any election campaign is canvassing. Said politician and their team has to knock on a front door and make his or her pitch to the whomever answers. The results will be varied depending on who answers, and whether or not you are interrupting them watching a match or their favourite soap. If you disturb someone watching Eastenders it will probably end badly for you.

One thing is for sure, the candidate will always take to social media to announce they’ve had a great canvass, even if they’ve just been bitten by a rabies infected dog.

Some households will spare the canvasser an ear bashing and post a notice on their front door that will leave the canvassers in no doubt that knocking on the front door will have dire consequences.

The potential murderer.

Canvass 1



For the hungry canvasser

@nharrington2via nharrington2

The unforgiving, Taken only last week.

@nealerichmondvia @nealerichmond

More cheese for Fianna Fáil.

@MikeMileyvia @mikemiley


Pretty harsh on junk mail.

@MarkDennehyvia MarkDennehy


The informed voter.

@leonard76_via @Leonard76_

Previous bad experience with canvassers!

@jerrybuttimervia @jerrybuttimer

The soft Green party voter.

@Jason_OCvia @Jason_OC

Cant imagine why people are so annoyed at Fianna Fáil.

@gpellyvia @GPelly

The house that always votes Fianna Fáil.

@Diarmyvia @Diarmy

Are you a mouse or a Fianna Fáil canvasser?

@AodhanORiordainvia @AodhanORiordain

More Fianna Fáil junk.

@AodhanORiordainvia AodhanORiordain

Labour voters don’t have doors, just walls.

Jan O'Sullivan


Remember canvassers, don’t knock on a door with a sign unless you want to become a crime statistic.


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