Irish politicians that claim they were “hacked”

Fianna Fáil TD Michael McGrath has deactivated his Facebook account after an image circulated on social media which appeared to show him ‘liking’ a page called ‘MILF of the Day’. McGrath told the Irish Mirror today, “It’s quite possible the account was hacked” and he told the Irish Independent he was hacked. It is certainly plausible his account was hacked. But why go to all the hassle of hacking a senior Fianna Fáil politicians Facebook page, not bothering to change the passwords, and just liking “Milf of the day”. 

Milf of the day

Deputy McGrath is not the first Irish politician to claim his social media account was hacked.

In April of 2010 when he was Labour MEP for Ireland South, The Current TD for Tipperary North, Alan Kelly, got in bother with this tweet that came from his account.


He went on to claim…

account comprimised

A spokesperson for Alan Kelly at the time said the politician would contact Twitter organisers in the coming days to find out if they can trace who hacked his account. Nothing ever came of subsequent investigations.

This tweet came from the account of Fine Gael MEP for North West Jim Higgins.

Jim Higgins

The former Mayo TD subsequently claimed his Twitter account had been hacked after the tweet received some media attention.

He later tweeted “Account hacked. Foul-language tweet not from me. Investigating hacker”.

Jim was just saying what everyone else was thinking, even if it was unparliamentary language and dodgy spelling. Jim has since deactivated his twitter account.

Update. FEB 19TH

Labour TD for Dublin South and Minister of State at the Department of Health Alex White claimed his account was compromised after it appeared the minister ‘favourited’ a tweet from an a twitter account called @lustsinner69, which showed what was described as a “beautiful goddess” who was barely clothed. The twitter account, called Best Teenies, says that its models are over 18 years of age.

Alex White

Will be updating this blog post as more politicians claim they are hacked.

While it is always possible for a twitter or Facebook account to be hacked. Social media users are generally a sceptical bunch. Nothing came of Jim Higgins or Alan Kelly’s claims they were investigating, if deputy McGrath wants people to believe him he is going to have to follow through with investigating.

What politicians need are stronger passwords or better excuses when it comes to their social media fails.


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