Ireland’s same sex marriage referendum and the impending loon arguments.

Referendums; can’t live with them – can’t live without them, or this Government just gives that impression.

Yesterday the Cabinet agreed to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage before the summer of 2015. That’s about fourteen to eighteen months of pure unadulterated debating hell in front of us. Why ?

Lets start with this video from Ireland’s foremost religious think thank, The Iona institute. When I say think tank, what I really mean is an organisation whose sole raison d’etre it seems, is to take an unhealthy interest in womens’ reproductive organs, the gays, anyone that has a bit of a feel outside marriage and whatever Enda Kenny has for breakfast, all because the bible said so, or as I like to call it “bad science”.

So you made it through the Iona video without being patronised to death? It’s all bright and shiny with simplistic info-graphics about marriage, love and riding, and how everyone gets married and lives happily ever after. As religious communications go it is a step up from a fella getting a couple of tablets on the side of a mountain who had been previously lost in a desert for forty years.
In fairness the video does makes some good points – if you’re a priest or have never fallen in love. I think where the video really falls down, is that they don’t show where the penis is meant to go, sure a fella could end up sticking it anywhere. I’m not sure getting my point across, so I will let actress and comedian Tara Flynn do it better than I.

There will be data, loads of the stuff. Those against equal marriage will produce reams of data, they will claim only a man and woman can raise a well-balanced child.They will tell you same-sex marriage will create a society of genderless ruffians that will grow up to be Sindo journalists and the like. But members of the Iona institute and their ilk have  issues when it comes to producing data to back up their biblical motivated claims.

Take Professor Patricia Casey, She is Professor of Psychiatry at University College Dublin and consultant psychiatrist at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin. Patron of the Iona institute.

Back in 2008, Casey made references to a parenting study from Uppsala University, Sweden, claiming that it showed that “children do best when raised by their married biological parents”. Unfortunately for Casey the author of the study Anna Sarkadi from the Department of women’s and children’s health at Uppsala University came across Casey’s claims. Anna Sarkadi wrote a letter to the Irish Times, where she said, “Please note that no comparisons were made with gay or lesbian family constellations in the studies included in the review. Therefore, there is nothing whatsoever in our review that would justify the conclusion that same-sex parents cannot raise healthy children who do well.” 


Then there is the UNICEF report, Casey claimed that a UNICEF report supported her position on same-sex parenting. This was disputed by the then Executive Director of UNICEF Ireland, Melanie Verwoerd. Melanie stated that “Unicef does not make any judgments on the well-being of children growing up with same-sex parents” and that Casey’s claim of UNICEF support was “incorrect and unacceptable”. 

Not once but twice……

Let us visit, The Iona Institutes submission to the constitution convention. It referenced an organisation in the USA,

One of the most important child research organisations in the United States is Child Trends, which is centrist in its politics and ideological outlook. It produced a paper in 2002 called ‘Marriage from a Child’s Perspective: How Does Family Structure Affect Children and What Can We Do About It?’  

My good friend and quality loon Paul wrote to Child trends in the USA and received this letter in reply. Which says,

This Child Trends brief summarizes research conducted prior to 2002, when neither
same-sex parents nor adopted parents were identified in large national surveys.
Therefore, no conclusions can be drawn from this research about the well-being of
children raised by same-sex partners or adoptive parents.

That’s three examples of data used by members of Iona that have misrepresented when submitting evidence based claims on same-sex marriage. Would you trust anymore?

Of course, we are going to hear from the various sects and loons that think same-sex marriage will be the harbinger of humanity’s doom. The loons will attempt to take over the asylum. You will hear all kinds of crazy stuff. By the time voting for the referendum comes around, you may need to invest in hurling helmet a straight jacket and take yourself off to a padded room somewhere.  The homophobes will come in all shapes and sizes some will even have the veneer of respectability. They will say things such as….

Same sex marriage will open the door to all kinds of loon behavior. People will want to marry their cats and dogs and sheep, (I wont go there about Kerry men and their sheep).

Heterosexual marriages are more valid and need special protection because they produce children.  In those people’s eyes the only time a woman shouldn’t be able to go near the kitchen sink is because her pregnancy bump prevents it.

Heterosexual marriage will be less meaningful, go ask the 90,000 people who are now legally divorced in Ireland.

Will the two fellas up the road who just got married affect how you raise your kids? Will the two women that just got married affect your relationship with your husband or wife? Nope. In all likely hood they wont be having any sex either. And maybe it should not be gay marriage or same-sex marriage, it should be equal marriage, Because we are all meant to be equal in the eyes of law and God.

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7 Responses to Ireland’s same sex marriage referendum and the impending loon arguments.

  1. Clodagh says:

    The Iona video almost has the “Won’t somebody think of the children” Simpsons quote.

  2. Thanks very much, very good piece Paul

  3. Reblogged this on gerardrodgers and commented:
    Great piece

  4. irishminx says:

    I thought you were inebriated while writing the first part of this Paul. Seriously.
    See the same sex couple CAN make babies or get someone to help them make babies. IVF or a surrogate Mum or adopt as happens in other countries.

    My thoughts are, who are we to judge anyone on their choices in life?
    My life is between me and God and I’ll answer for the choices I’ve made, no one else, but me!
    I believe it is the same for all Man Kind.

    Kind regards………..

  5. Paul good job!

    What I can never understand where the G A Y word comes into any aspect of life, is that ‘these
    G A Y people’ are actually our son’s, our daughters, siblings, friends, cousins, aunt’s, uncles hey maybe even out Mums and Dads (who’ve had the courage to stop living a lie).

    We love them surely ? That’s natural, just like their sexuality is natural, like heterosexuality is natural. Sexual preference not chosen when embryos but given to all on ‘a luck of the draw, somewhere on a spectrum of normal basis’ and surely such a non issue.

    Or is it that if you are an Iona parent, you love your kids differently ? Are their kids like an expensive new possession that comes with conditions of use ?. Do Iona parents only have heterosexual kids and do they select them by test tube or what to ensure that ?

    Babies/Children are simply short humans – with intellect, feelings, growing understanding – we nurture them with love and acceptance, educate them and hopefully create an environment for them to flourish, be a success as a human being and in their chosen life, relationship, job etc.

    Where in that process and more importantly how, do we turn the love off and instead hit judgmental mode about their right as a human being to be accepted equally for their sexuality, ?

    Where in the process, given the challenges life throws, parents die early, have debilitating sickness, family breakdown, children horrifically abused by their parents, children in homes waiting for adoption, children in need of protection from their parents, where do do we decide
    ‘these G A Y’ people are not fit for parenthood ?

    It’s the stuff of the smallest minds, the minds that through Irish history have stood with tight lips and condescension, overseeing abuse after abuse. No more of it is needed. Keep writing!

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