The Department of Social Protection are giving emigration advice.

Fianna Fáil finance spokesman Michael McGrath was waving this letter (see below) around yesterday like it had the 3rd secret of Fatima written on it. That was the highlight of McGrath’s budget day. The Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, patronised McGrath to death on RTE’s post budget primetime programme. Poor McGrath is just not cut out for the portfolio. But the talent pool in Fianna Fáil wouldn’t wet your whistle so they have to make do with what they have.

The letter to a job seeker, giving a list of job vacancies in Canada, has been ignored in the post budget analysis. If Deputy McGrath had kept the letter for a slow news day it could have been far more damaging to the Government, especially to the Minster for Social Protection, Joan Burton.

As of January, 2012, employment services and employment programmes were transferred to the Department of Social Protection away from Fás. Regardless, Minister Joan Burton’s, Department of Social Protection are not trail finders or a travel agency. The letter does state that the applicant is not obliged to apply for the jobs in Canada.

It is bad enough being unemployed, but to be told maybe you should emigrate, is worse still. Anybody that is unemployed will already be keenly aware of their own dire circumstances. The social welfare department in general is infamous for its lack of empathy or social graces in dealing with those in most need of our help. Maybe Fás could set up a course to teach empathy.

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