Fresh feline bloodbath fears after Love Hate moggy murder.

A fresh outbreak of feline violence is feared in the capital as people ‘tool up’ after the spate of copy cat killings linked to the gruesome murder of the Love/Hate cat.

Gardai were on high alert last night following the murder of another cat in the Ballymagash area of the capital. A teenager who was caught machine-gunning a sack of kittens  said he was inspired by the RTE’s TV series Love/Hate. The 17-year-old told detectives that he had wanted to machine gun kittens for years.

The teenager confessed to machine gunning the moggys, saying he had an uncontrollable urge for moggy murder and wanted to model himself after the teenage moggy murderer from Love/Hate. Gardai said “Things are very tense in the area with two cat murders in just three days linked to the TV show and are more than likely connected to each other or are copy cat killings”.

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The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) described the machine-gunning of the cat at the start of Sunday’s episode as “sick and horrendous”.

“We already have a lot of cats injured by rocket launchers, scud missiles and grenades. I know it is not a children’s programme but it sends out all the wrong messages to young people with machine guns.”

Vincent Brown weighed into the debate – declaring he preferred people to get shot rather than cats.


A senior Garda has urged cat owners to be vigilant after the recent spate of feline murders. A senior Garda detective has urged people to report incidents where machine gun toting teens are seen to be shooting cats. “What we need from the public is actually for them to be aware of feline issues, understand them and then report it, because once it’s reported we will respond, We have especially trained dogs for this kind of thing.”


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