Another Fianna Fáil reform flip flop!

This audio from Newstalk 106-108. It is Fine Gael TD Simon Harris debating Jim O’Callaghan. Jim is a Fianna Fail councillor for the Pembroke Rathmines area on Dublin City council. He is also the legal advisor to Fianna Fáil and director of elections for the party in the upcoming Seanad referendum.

Simon Harris spoke about the need for bringing outside experts into the decision making. Here is what Jim said in reply. Contrast and compare with what his party leader Michael Martin said on reform.

Might have been an idea for Jim to check exactly what his party leader said on the need for outside experts.

Video credit Mark Reilly

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2 Responses to Another Fianna Fáil reform flip flop!

  1. B J Richards says:

    FF Manifesto 2011 states “It is essential to note that second chambers are not an essential part of parliamentary democracy” FF is engaged in Kabuki dancing.

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