Is this the most awkward silence ever?

This audio is an interview on morning Ireland with political scientist Gary Murphy who teaches at DCU and is also member of Democracy Matters, the the Fianna Fail led group campaigning to retain the Seanad.

Thanks to Mark Reilly for the video.

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3 Responses to Is this the most awkward silence ever?

  1. dsmooney says:

    Hey Mr Duggan, is your Fine Gael party’s case really so weak and devoid of logic that you must resort to doctoring an audio clip? To say this is heavily edited with additional fake moments of silence added is an understatement. This makes the Fine Gael’s other bogus “save €20million” claim (from which this is doubtless meant to distract) look mild.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Its not my video I didn’t put it together.
      And while you’re here. Isn’t the real reason ‘public affairs consultants’ want to keep the Seanad is so that they have more parliamentary party members grab. Democracy matters the Fianna Fáil front has lied through your teeth for this whole campaign.

      What I’m going to do just for you is dig up the unedited version which is even worse, because all you can hear in the interview is silence.

    • coolio says:

      Mooney are you for real? You tweeted defaced Fine Gael photos with a crap photoshop job and you have the audacity to have a go on here? Cop on. You’re side doctored FG photos!!! FFS can you not see your own hypocrisy? Are you mentally insane? You’re so ‘devoid’ of logic you keep running around chasing your own tail. You have no argument to support retention of the Seanad so you obsessively nit pick anything the yes side do. If you had a strong argument you wouldnt even bat an eye lid at the yes side.

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