Irish Cabinet Minister Dies In Kite Flying Accident.

A member of the Irish Government was electrocuted after a kite he was flying struck an overhead cable, Gardai said today.

The Minister for Austerity, from Ballymagash, was understood to be flying a kite beside the M7 motorway slip road, at Killinaskully, near Tipperary on Thursday morning when the accident occurred.

No ambulances were available to attend to the scene due to cut backs in services. Efforts to revive the Minster by locals who witnessed the incident were not successful.

Witnesses told Gardai that the minister was flying a kite saying – €10 cut to pensions.

Gardai said the Minister attempted to remove the kite which became entangled in overhead wires after being chased through a field by disgruntled constituents. He accidently touched the electric wire and was electrocuted.

John and Mary Murphy from Killnascully were fornicating in the adjacent field at about 6:30 p.m. When they heard a loud bang.

“It looked and smelt like he got electrocuted,” said John Murphy who was first to the scene. “Like a barbecue gone wrong” said Mary Murphy.

It is believed that the Minister had been warned about the dangers of flying kites in recent weeks by family and friends. His brother a local town Cllr said, ” I told him he’d be in for a big shock if he kept this kite flying up, I meant at the ballot box, not like this.”

The Taoiseach said the Minister served his country with great “integrity” and “honesty.”

A garda spokesperson has warned about the dangers of kite flying during silly season, leading up to the Budget.

“We are warning politicians not to talk to the tabloids, especially those in the Sunday Independent. Those journalists can be extremely dangerous, and we would warn politicians not to go near them at all,” said the Garda.


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4 Responses to Irish Cabinet Minister Dies In Kite Flying Accident.

  1. Mike says:

    Completely out of order, such a distasteful joke.

  2. Seosamh O Galunai says:

    Absolutely hilarious! And worthy of an award for satire if there is such a thing. If not I am pleased to nominate you for The Taoicher’s award for Spin, Hype, Lies and Election Promises for 2013.

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