Irish twitter troll outed by his own stupidity.

In historical terms, trolls were monstrously aggressive creatures that were said to dwell in caves, under bridges and in dark places where no one could see them. They smelled pretty bad apparently and liked to eat humans or whatever else took its fancy. In todays parlance, trolls are internet warriors, big brave men excreting their bile from behind a keyboard under the cloak of anonymity. They exist to garner attention through controversy and provocative interactions, be it on twitter or other social media sites.

First rule of anonymous trolling – is stay anonymous. Most Internet trolls have at least the basic intelligence to understand why this is important. If you have a job, business or family – all could be negatively impacted if people find out you are a the type of person who likes to engage in winding people up anonymously.

Twitter can sometimes be the town square for the village idiot or worse still, the classroom for the school bully. Trolling anonymously is a form of bullying, it is cowardly, despicable and can impact on the mental health of those that are on the receiving end of the trolls attention.

Take a bow twitter account @MadasHell_ , recently deleted when confronted with his true identity.

@MadasHell_ randomly tweeted a friend of mine last night. He never met her, doesn’t know her.


He had an opinion on the appearance of the guests that were on TV3’s midday panel, all of whom are women.


He thinks highlighting violence against women is stupid.

violence against women

He likes to retweet casual racism.


Has an issue with Homosexuality it would seem.


He dislikes tweeters and bloggers.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 15.11.10

I can’t understand why he dislikes like tweeting and blogging so much…….

datacable outshimself

I thought the first rule of troll club is we don’t talk about troll club. Oops, Take a bow Paul McGarry, otherwise known as @DataCables_ on twitter, who was also tweeting anonymously as @MadasHell_


Paul McGarry aka DataCables_ and formerly @MadasHell_  hates tweeters so much – he follows over 5,000 people on the account he uses to promote his business.

When I confronted DataCables_ and asked him why he was trolling, he had this to say.


I also asked him…..


When I pointed out he deleted his @MadasHell_  troll account he had this to say…. Just in case you were in any doubt……


He excuses his tweets by saying – he was making a joke and it is other peoples fault for dishing it out, but not being able to take it. In a tweet he saw fit to describe women on TV3’s midday show – women he never met, as dogs and he thinks highlighting violence against women is stupid.

It would seem he has plenty of reasons but no excuses.

Thanks to the people who tracked him down and identified who he was. 

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15 Responses to Irish twitter troll outed by his own stupidity.

  1. Ollie says:

    Reblogged this on Ollie's Haberdashery.

  2. Michael O'Toole says:

    Nice bit of research there.

  3. I was anonymous like a lot of people I know because I wanted to be able to speak freely and to argue and debate with people without tweeps holding the people in DataCables responsible for what I might say, especially after the pub.

    Again you have cherry picked and twisted everything I said to suit your agenda, But then you are well known for that, I’m sure I could pick a few tweets out of your timeline over the last few show you in a bad light.

    First of all she is an adult and is well able to speak for herself, she does not need your amateurish blog to help her, If she can’t take a joke then I’m sorry, too bad. Granted it was a stupid joke I’ll give you that. It was not ” stalking someone’s a/c using an anonymous handle and for abusive behaviour”. That’s just way over the top. To other people the joke might have been considered banter she has said a lot worse.

    I had an opinion on two of the women on midday not all of them – wrong again. – I gave an honest reaction at the what I thought, They’re on TV they can handle it, If you bothered to open the conversation you would have seen that one of them laughed. and retweeted it. This was a tweet from months ago taken completely out of context.

    I am not for violence against women I never have been and never will be, and I strongly resent your accusation, If you had bothered to open the conversation you would have seen that I was complaining that some Australian pop music superstar kid has the power on twitter to get a silly trend to number 1 in Ireland. It is a stupid trend because it is stating the obvious, Violence Against Women Is Wrong – Everyone knows that, What kind of person needs to be reminded of that. people who tweeted it had nothing to add to it. Again the conversation was not opened and was completely taken out of context.

    Casual racism? I retweeted something that made me grin for a second that does not make me a racist. You throw around accusations at the drop of a hat.

    I think that kid is camp. That does not make me homophobic. I like Graham Norton, He’s very camp I was making a clunky observation in this politically correct world. It does not mean I hate him.

    #penaltypointsforpricks was a very popular number 1 trend for a long time, Again I do not hate tweeters I had an opinion on overzealous tweeters and bloggers like you, That comment was not directed at anyone.but of course you try to make it sound like I hate all tweeters.

    You now say my answer to your question Why was I trolling? was “Why not, who says I can’t?” – That is just wrong. Your question was Why do I need an anonymous twitter account – Lots of people I know have anonymous twitter accounts and they get into arguments and say some ugly things. THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM TROLLS. You throw around that accusation far to easily.

    Maybe you should learn all the facts before you write your blog.

    I’m not saying I’m an angel (and neither are most people on twitter) but we don’t deserve your kind of relentless abuse.

    Can you defend all your tweets from when you started on twitter? I don’t think so, and why should you have to.

    • Anonymous says:

      You followed me and had done for a long while but chose your anonymous account to criticise a tweet I made. Why? You couldn’t disagree with me under your own handle? You couldn’t even DM your dissent? Just used an anonymous left field sock puppet which left me wondering ‘where the hell did that come from’ to do your dirty work. What you did, frankly to me (which is not one of the incidents cited above) was frankly out of order.

      • Maybe that’s not the way it happened, maybe I saw your tweet in that timeline and had a bad reaction to what you said. I don’t know what exactly we’re talking about here. I have never criticised anyone in a DM. and never will.

  4. But Paul (McG) why did you need to use an anonymous account when someone would’ve engaged with you perfectly civilly under your own (business) handle? I presume the ‘she’ you mean is me.

    ‘She’ has a name. And if I recall, ‘she’ called you out a few months back for taking someone else’s tweet and picture and passing it off as your own. And you got a bit upset about that.

    So then, you basically used an anonymous account to, as you might see it, take the bitch down a peg or two. Is that it? Would that summarise it properly? Because I’d gladly have engaged with you about the number of tweets on my account if you’ve asked me using your own name. And I’d gladly have asked anyone living with me (on your behalf) what I was like to live with, despite all these *tweets* on the interwebs.

    I’m sure the ‘dogs’ you mentioned – the women on TV3 – would also have engaged with you under your @DataCables_ business handle on Twitter.

    But regarding the rest of your reply there – basically you just confirm yourself as a sad little misogynist, homophobic troll.

    Good luck with it. But don’t hesitate to engage using your own name in future. My rule is (ok I may have broke this once or twice) that I don’t say stuff behind someone’s back that I wouldn’t be prepared to say to their face.

    • I said She because Paul Duggan chose not to use your name, I decided to do the same, You see personal insults everywhere. chill the hell out.

      If I remember correctly I took a picture off FaceBook and put it on twitter without giving the proper credit to whoever I took it off. (Crime of the century) Then you and someone else harassed me relentlessly for the next hour before I had to block you.

      So when I saw your name mentioned somewhere last night I thought I would joke about your tweets.

      You and Paul Duggan are looking very smug and are making a mountain out of a molehill.

      I don’t think I would gladly engage in a conversation with you about your tweets or anything else. There’s no talking to some people

  5. redser says:

    Some of you on this thread are fairly handy at tweeting vicious things about people you’ve never met & know little about yourselves.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Not anonymously Kate. Its one thing being vicious its another being an outright troll.
      Its a bad week for pots and kettles mind you.

    • Hi redser I’ve been informed that “some of these good upright tweeters gasping in righteous indignation have set up anonymous ACs of their own, with the sole purpose of trolling”. my account despite what they say was not for trolling.This whole blog is where Paul Duggan Elaine Edwards et al gather to organise the tag team to harass me.

      • Anonymous says:

        Harassment, you say? My irony meter just exploded.

      • MrLord says:

        “Don’t judge without having heard both sides. Even persons who think themselves virtuous very easily forget this elementary rule of prudence.”
        ― St. Josemaría Escrivá,

        You State on your Twitter “My new motto – Never Drink and Tweet” so that alone shows you have not been in correct judgement while operating twitter. Maybe when you are drunk you feel it’s ok to abuse people. Maybe you have been caught out on your “business” account and that is why you felt the need to set up the “spare” account. So while been drunk and sending tweets it’s not giving you a 100% correct judgement on passing assumptions on other people. The lady from TV3 Midday who thought your tweet was funny and gave it a retweet, how do you know she did? Because she went LOL and hit a Retweet button. How do you know how she felt? Maybe it was a laugh to say here is more abuse look twitter what I get. Do you feel if it was your mother on telly it would be a nice thing for someone to day? Do you feel also by saying to Elaine how many tweets she has that it is a joke? How do you know how she feels? Take aside all these women for a second, you live in Ireland, you see the campaigns for mental health do you think any of this is the ok thing to do? Not everyone has the same sense of humour not everyone has the same fingerprint. It’s not really ok and you are no one to pass judgement on what anyone does with their sole time on social media. Also when you have the likes of the Irish catholic fundamentalists coming to lick your wounds you should really know that it is a sad time when they crawl out from their vampire coffins and come to your aid but sure may you were all drinking the church wine. They only care to use you as an extra piece of leather on their whip for self flagellation. No one is “tag teaming” you. You have simply been called out on what a stupid thing you have done. You are not the victim here so don’t play the fool. Own up to what you did be what your family thought you to be a MAN say sorry shut your mouth and move on.

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