Meath East By-election candidates and Youtube videos

There was time briefly, around the 2007 general election and 2009 and local elections  when every half-baked half wit running for political office posted a video on YouTube. Usually said candidate is sitting behind a desk at work, on the campaign trail or in the home, gazing at you at like some lovelorn puppy begging for a bit of a feel or at the very least an auld sympathy vote.

The video usually goes like this, candidate tells you who he/she is. They proceed to tell you how they are involved in the local community. Housing committees, swinger parties, the local GAA club, S&M events and so on. The candidate will then tell you, why you should vote for them and their political party. Finally they will tell you how the other party has caused smallpox, aids, cancer the sacking of Rome and the demise of the late late show and how they will fix it. “Please vote for me, thank you”

The candidate has to pull off all these thing without appearing gormless, unfortunately for the Green Party, Meath East candidate Seán Ó Buachalla fails in this endeavour on all counts.

But what of the efforts from the other candidates in the Meath East by-election.

Helen McEntee of Fine Gael has produced the best video’s so far. This one caused a little controversy as it pulled on the heart-strings a little. But the fact remains she has degrees in economics and politics and a masters in communications. Making her more qualified than the rest of the men in Fine Gael to be a TD.

This was the most recent video of the labour Party candidate Eoin Holmes I could find. Which is unusual for the Labour, normally they would have a video of the candidate up on YouTube by now. Labour video’s are usually well produced by Irish political standards. Admittedly the bar is low though.

Sinn Fein’s Darren O’Rourke video is more of the same, in the Irish political tradition on YouTube. In fairness he manages to appear quite normal. But keep a close eye in this video for the part where they have his election posters printed on the night he was selected to run. Imposed, not selected much ?

The highlight for me of Ben Gilroy, Direct democracy, is his explaining of why he wants the Book of Kells returned to Kells. They can store it in someone’s barn sure. That and his explanation of why Ireland is not a democracy. Even though he is running in a democratically held election where people get to vote. No doubt when he loses he will blame democracy.

Fianna Fail’s Thomas Byrne was quite enthusiastic about YouTube initially, well six years ago. You can view the now famous video that was deleted from YouTube HERE. Nothing controversial apart from a blessing from Bertie and a brimstone filled sermon from some loon preaching to a cult. This was Thomas Byrne’s last vote for me video on YouTube from six years ago.

Not a lot going happening with other candidates on YouTube except for my favourite political loon Jim Tallon. Living in Arklow, Jim holds the record for the most contested Dáil elections without ever winning a seat. Jim has invented a new chess game. Jim has also invented a new sport which he believes will rival soccer in its global popularity and become an alternative to violence in settling disputes….. He is also the self-proclaimed president of the Independent Republic of Glasnost, In Wicklow. As you do…..


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6 Responses to Meath East By-election candidates and Youtube videos

  1. Jack Hayes says:

    Paul, I’m a FG voter. I’m a FG party member and I’d give Helen the vote if I lived in Meath. But my individual loyalties have never blinded my objectivity. If you take off your FG rose tinted glasses that video is a shocker. It starts off well, with a bright eyed presentable young women introducing herself in a positive manner. But then at 0:12 seconds we cut to a shivering vulnerable girl, eyes down on the ground, and talking in a sad tone. Let me paraphrase the next 60 seconds. “My daddy was a great man and I’d like to continue his hard work for the people of East Meath” It’s crass and the deliberate video flashbacks to the image of a far away, sad, shivering, vulnerable girl made me feel very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable, because I found myself questioning the bone fides of the video makers. Are they trying(but failing miserably) to exploit the death of her father for political gain? I shouldn’t be asking that question

    Is that video an example of how to sell yourself? Does that video show that Helen is a young, competent, well educated, articulate woman with a passion to represent the people of Meath East? Helen McEntee is a better candidate than that video. Anyways the video will have shag all impact. Only 7,000 views and half of them were probably FG supporters.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      I did say the video was controversial Jack and why. Blogpost was focused on all the candidates video’s i could find not just the one.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Regards Paul.

  2. What is also noteworthy about the 2007 Thomas Byrne video is his dog whistle comments about being recently married along with what you see is what you get, I’m a straight talking kinda guy which many viewed as a sly dig at his opponent for the Labour party at the time, Dominic Hannigan. There were strong rumours that Hannigan underperformed at that time due to ground efforts to make play of his sexuality, not that Hannigan had necessary hidden anything but that as he’d not particular made much of it either it might have been news to some of the doors. So other candidates did a bit of “ah shure he’d not know about the problems of young families doncha know”, I don’t think Thomas Byrne’s campaign was alone in that mind but the video did play nicely into that message.

  3. Cliona says:

    Got interrupted earlier when leaving comment on phone. It would have been good if Helen McEntee had mentioned briefly her qualifications in her clip. Know it was more about her father but speaking for myself, the fact that she holds those degrees might sway me if I were not sure who to vote for.

  4. My tuppence worth: Sinn Fein video (loathe though I am to say it) was the best produced of the lot. It appeared to have a coherent plan and structure and had some variety on the styles of communication used. Labour’s wasn’t too bad, but surely someone could have told the lads that conducting interviews on the side of busy roads is not a great idea – my ears were left ringing with the sound of traffic rather than any message the candidate was trying to impart. The start of the video was also very poor. My last comment goes to the Helen McEntee video – is that the best that can be produced by a candidate with a master’s degree in communications??

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