Pat Rabbitte wants you to join a Semi state board

Think you are qualified ? then Minister Rabbitte want you to apply to join a Semi State board.
No doubt hordes of social media fiends are eminently qualified…..

if you are interested see below.

Appointments to Boards under the aegis of the Dept of Communications Energy and Natural Resources

The Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Mr. Pat Rabbitte TD, invites expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced persons interested in being appointed to the following boards of State Bodies operating under the aegis of his Department where vacancies will occur in the coming 12 months:

• An Post
• Bord Gais Éireann (BGE)
• Bord na Mona
• Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
• Eirgrid
• Inland Fisheries Ireland
• National Oil Reserves Agency (NORA)
• Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
• TG4

The Board of directors performs key roles in relation to the direction, leadership and corporate governance of each State body. While the diversity of roles and responsibilities of individual bodies precludes a uniform list of characteristics or skills for prospective directors, those expressing interest in serving on the board of a State body should (in addition to any criteria specified in the statutes governing individual bodies) have demonstrable competence, knowledge or experience at a senior organisational level and/or recognised management experience and/or skills (e.g. law, finance, etc.) in a company/organisation.

By submitting an expression of interest the applicant accepts that appointments are made in the exercise of a statutory discretion, that the Minister is not obliged to consider the expressions of interest offered, that he is not confined to making an appointment from amongst those who have expressed an interest and is not bound by any statement set out in the notice. Vacancies on boards of such bodies can arise due to the conclusion of the period of appointment of Board members or as casual vacancies arise. Expressions of interest will be kept on file and considered as appointments arise.

Expressions of interest, including a curriculum vitae and a statement of suitability, should be sent by email to: and should indicate the State Board s/he wishes to apply for, provide a brief outline of skills, competencies and qualifications and a short statement outlining why s/he wishes to be considered for a position on the board. The Department will acknowledge receipt of such applications.

CVs and statements of suitability are essential to facilitate the process of consideration of expressions of interest.

Additional Information

a) Corporate Governance in State-sponsored Bodies is underpinned by the “Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies” of May 2009. This document also outlines the roles and responsibilities of Directors.

b) More details on the bodies under the aegis of the Department and legislation underpinning these bodies are available here:

It should also be appreciated that directors on appointment assume significant duties such as responsibility for the proper conduct of the organisation‘s affairs, to hold information obtained in their role as director confidential and to act in accordance with public policy and high standards of probity.
In order to qualify for appointment a person must not have any conflicts of interest likely to interfere with his/her ability to play a full part on the board.

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