Welcome to Kerry, Drink driving capital of Europe.

Don’t vote it only encourages them, When I think of the Healy-Rae political dynasty in South Kerry, I am sure never has such a maxim been so true when discussing a political dynasty.

Kerry County Councillors tenuously backed a motion introduced by Cllr Danny Healy-Rae (yes he’s one of them) calling on the Minister of Justice to introduce legislation for permits, allowing people to drink and drive under moderation. I like the way the word moderation is used, moderately drinking to us Irish is knocking back 12 pints, having a disco nap while out for a smoke and then knocking back another 4 pints at last call.

The motion was carried by 5 voted to 3, The 5 who voted in favour Danny Healy-Rae, his son Johnny Healy-Rae {Ind}, Michael Cahill, {FF} Michael O’Shea {FF} and Bobby O’Connell {FG}, – are all publicans, former publicans or connected to the pub trade. Ah sure they weren’t voting out of self-interest at all…………..

Despite drink driving being one of the leading causes of fatalities on Irish roads.

3 noble savages voted against. Terrie O’Brien {LAB}, Gillian Warton Stanley {LAB} and Patrick Connor Scarteen {FG}

The Councillors who abstained from voting were, Brendan Cronin {IND}, John Joe Culloty {FF}, Norma Foley{FF}, Michael Gleeson {IND}, Breeda Moynihan Cronin {LAB} and John Sheahan {FG}.

It’s a rare day when abstinence, alcohol and County Councillors are mentioned in the same breath.

The absent councillors were Paul O’Donoghue {FF}, John Brassil {FF}, Anne MacEllistrim {FF}, Jim Finucane {FG}, Pat McCarthy {FG}, Liam Purtill {FG}, Seamus Fitzgerald {FG}, Toireasa Ferris {SF}, Robert Beasley {SF}, Pat Leahy {LAB}, Matt Griffin {FG} and Tim Buckley {FG}.

I was unable to confirm the location of the absent Councillors. Probably haranguing some hapless public servant into getting Mrs Murphy’s planning permission sorted. Watch for the litany of excuses over the next few days explaining their absence. The cows had to be milked, the kids needed shoes, mileage had to be racked up.

Over the years we have been fed a stereotype of rural county Councillors, As expense claiming, slow-witted halfwits, incapable of running a hot bath. Let me be the first to congratulate Kerry County council for living up to that stereotype. Not a true reflection on the good people of Kerry, (outside GAA season of course).

The motion is so absurd that it was picked up by major  news outlets around the world. Sky NewsGawkerBBC and The Guardian to name a few.

How’s that tourist drive going ? The Gathering should be fun. Boozed up tourists driving their cars like they are stolen, around the Ring of Kerry. Car sickness to the rest of us is the feeling you get when the monthly payment is due, to some it would seem’ it is driving to fast while drinking. At least they wont have to worry about their weight or cholesterol..

In fairness to the council seat squatting half-wits, Danny Healy Rae put them in a very awkward position politically. The perceived attack on the rural way of life is a hot topic in Kerry. Few Councillors want to be seen voting for, or against such a hot topic. If you see a Kerry County Councillor walking funny in the next few days, it’s because the Councillor probably has splinters in his/her backside from sitting on the fence.

Anthropologists were shocked to find the missing link alive and well in Killorglin.

As a result of this motion, Kerry County Council will now send a letter to the Minister of Justice, Alan Shatter, calling on him to legislate for this motion. Which will allow for people to drive home after having a few drinks. Which in all likelihood will cause the minister to propose few motions of his own, after he stops laughing so hard and asks Big Phil to suspend democracy in Kerry and put it under direct control of the Government…. Oh wait,  Councillors don’t have the power to change the bulbs in the street lights let alone anything else. Hold off on suspending democracy in Kerry Minister.

The Healy-Rae’s are a cancer in Irish politics and represents the very worst of parish pump politics. This is just another parish pump populist stunt to garner votes. The Healy-Rae’s of South Kerry have it down to a fine art form.

Drink driving in rural area’s is a leading killer of Irish motorists.

Cars don’t kill people drunk drivers do………….


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