Democratic left lose a Councillor.

The Democratic left do not exist in Irish politics anymore, well in theory they don’t . But the reality is, the former Democratic Left Party was formed after a split in the Workers Party, which was formed after a split from Sinn Féin in the 1970’s. They eventually merged with the Labour Party.

So who are the former members Democratic left in the Labour Party ? Well they are current members of Dáil ÉireannPat Rabbitte,Eamon GilmoreEric ByrneKathleen Lynch and Sean Sherlock TD, for Cork East his father Joe was also a member of Democratic Left. At the time of Democratic {too} left forming Emmet Stagg considered leaving the Labour Party and joining Democratic Left. 

A cursory glance at these names, will tell you that these are the leaders of the Labour Party now. So what ?

See here’s the thing…. more than a rump of the ‘old Labour Party’ are little bit pissed that the former stickies, Pet Rabbitte and the invisible Tánaiste, Eamon Gilmore both former stickies run the Labour Party now. What you will not read in most media, is that current tensions within Labour stem from part of the fact that Gilmore and Rabitte are not considered ‘Pure’ Labour Party members.

Former Democratic Left stalwart, Labour Party member and twice former Mayor of Wexford, Cllr David Hynes announced on Facebook he has left the Labour Party and gone Independent. He reasonably cites valid reasons such as cutbacks, the stickies shafting of Shortall and the abolishing of Wexford Town Council {turkeys voting for Christmas}  as reasons for leaving.

Now if you were cynical……. I suffer from it terribly…… The abolishing of his seat was the straw that broke his political back. That and he was never Brendan Howlin’s biggest fan.

david hynesHe wont get to vote for Colm Keaveney as Chairman of the Labour party then…………


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