Ireland Stand Up

Ireland Stand Up, the catholic lay initiative that was set up to oppose the closure of the Irish Vatican embassy has been in the news a quite a bit lately. The organisation has involved itself in the abortion debate claiming it has sent DVDs to members of the Dáil and Seanad.

The group sent copies of the classic Christmas film ‘It’s a Wonderful life’ to TDs and senators as part of its anti choice lobbying campaign. They claim to have sent copies of the DVD to 190 of the 266 TDs and senators.  What – ‘It’s a Wonderful life’ has to do with women’s bodies is a mystery to me.

Ireland stand up, apart from sending DVDs without any relevance to the abortion debate, cannot be trusted and are not credible. Some of these anti-choice groups are prone to gross exaggeration, as can be seen by the Life Institutes claims they made 56,000 phone calls to Fine Gael TDs, which did not happen.

Last year, an article claimed the Ireland Stand Up initiative sent 96,000 postcards to An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny.

Paul Moloney wondered could this be possibly be true. He contacted the Office of an Taoiseach and received the following reply.


Yes, 1,500 postcards not the 96,000 as was claimed by the Ireland Stand up article.  What is it with  these anti-choice groups and the need to exaggerate support for their causes ?

Now if you suffer from terrible cynicism like I do, then you must be thinking they have to over state their support because they have little or no support relative to the general population and are trying to bully our elected representatives.

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3 Responses to Ireland Stand Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a Wonderful Life is a profoundly Pro Life Film and has nothing to do with abortion per se. Its a Pro Life film as its an anti-suicide film. The story revolves around what good a person can do and how they make a difference “I wish I had never been born”.None of use can judge how a life is going to turn out so we should never stop that life from coming into being. None of us have a right to do it. I have a right to choose but I must be always given the right to be able to choose – no one can deny me that right to come into exstence to make that choice. It is wrong to demand for yourself what you deny to another. You do not choose to be born – but you must be born to choose. The average person makes 1 million choices in their life time. To prevent a person from doing this is aggressively anti-choice. You rob a person the choice of doing good and making a positive difference to all the lives they could touch – given the opportunities. That is why being pro-life you are also truly pro choice!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was reported that 99% of the letters sent to the Taoiseach were in favour of re-opening the Embassy to the Holy See. Also Organisations like RTE multiply letters received by up to 100 to guage the real response i.e. Many who would send a card but did not do so for various reasons should be taken into account by a large factor

  3. HandsofBlue says:

    I cannot even begin to comprehend how ridiculous and nonsensical the above comment is.

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