Those 56,000 phone calls to Fine Gael TD’s

The Irish Times  reported last Tuesday that the anti-abortion group, The Life Institute claimed its supporters have made 56,000 phone calls to Fine Gael TD’s since the summer. The story was also picked up by Michael Clifford in the Irish examiner.

56,000 phone calls is a huge amount of calls to just 76 Fine Gael TD’s, It is also time-consuming and expensive. 56,000 phone calls amounts to on average 736 calls to each individual Fine Gael TD since the summer.

The Life institute an offshoot of Youth Defence are the main pro-life lobby groups and have a dark history intimidation, lies and liberal misuse of facts.  You can read an eye-popping history on the origins of Youth Defence here… Origins of Youth defence

So about these claims of 56,000 phone calls. As a member of Fine Gael and as someone in regular contact with some Fine Gael TD’s. I thought it odd that I and others had not heard about these vast amount of phone calls being made till it was reported in the Irish Times. I made contact with some TD’s and a quick survey revealed that only one TD had a received a large quantity of phone calls. One TD has also been receiving  pictures of aborted fetuses in the post. Needless to say this is an abhorrent needless act whose only aim is to cause distress to the TD’s family.

There has been a strong email campaign waged by the Life Institute and Youth Defence on Dáil members. On average most TD’s have received hundreds of emails from pro-life groups. The suspicion is that this email campaign is being waged by a small group of individuals that control a number of email accounts, giving the impression that have significant support. When in fact it is a small number of people copying and pasting emails.

The Irish Times have three political reporters that can pick up the phone to any TD in the Dáil, Mary MinihanHarry McGee and Deaglan de Breadun . Anyone one of those three journalists could have verified if such a phone call campaign was being waged.

There is no phone call campaign on such a scale being waged.

The anti-choice groups are vastly overstating their support and it is only a small number of volunteers waging a campaign.

It is becoming clear now that the middle ground is holding. Reason and moderation are coming to the fore in the debate. While the anti-choice side are going to have accept there will be some form of legislation for X. The pro-choice side, equally are going to have to accept abortion on demand will not happen.


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20 Responses to Those 56,000 phone calls to Fine Gael TD’s

  1. emma says:

    good article, it is bout time that YD bunch are exposed for what they really are, nothing short of a cult who refuse to acknowledge a single fact,

  2. Sharrow says:

    Reblogged this on Activism and Agitation and commented:
    More form the Pro Lie side, opps did I for get the F…

  3. Paul Duggan says:

    Thank you for the reblogs, Corkfeminsta and Sharrow.

  4. Gareth Stack says:

    “The pro-choice side, equally are going to have to accept abortion on demand will not happen.”
    Accepting the unacceptable in an attempt to reach some sort of (relative, fictional) middle ground is what got us into this mess. Ireland needs to finally reject the moral authority of child abuse defending, US conservative funded, rabidly irrational reactionaries. Progressives need to be progressive, not reasonable.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Am not sure of your logic in linking child abuse and abortion, both are massively separate issues.

      Just as well people never read the bottom half of the internet.

      • GP says:

        Not sure you understood his comment properly.

        He is saying we need to stop being influenced by the same people who defend child abusers towards anti-choice stances.

  5. There are other pro-life groups besides Youth Defence which organised post card campaigns. However, an individual has to decide to send a post card or email which involves a definite decision. People involved in these type of campaigns are not mindless idiots who have to be controlled. They have views on the abortion issue and want to make these views know to their public representatives. Isn’t that what democracy is all about? There’s almost a feeling being perpetuated which views these representations as some sort of intimidation. God forbid that the citizens might seek to have their voices heard by the politicians they voted in.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Well i was talking specifically about youth defence and the life institute and I never mentioned anything about postcards. God forbid we should try and make Ireland safer for women or god forbid women should be trusted to make decisions for themselves of god forbid god.

      • Wow! You really do allow other’s opinions Paul! Though I must thank you for a hilarious article on this dark evening, it gave me a good laugh! I totally agree with you Maria! In addition to that, where is your evidence, Paul, about these “small number of people copying and pasting emails”? Depending on a few contacts you have because you’re a member of Fine Gael (are you a TD?) and your own survey (!) is hardly going to prove to an intelligent man like yourself that the estimation of 56,000 calls, is a lie?!

      • Paul Duggan says:

        How to i put this politely Cait. I don’t value your intelligence. You would be better of taking hysteria somewhere else. No i am not a TD which is an outstandingly stupid remark which highlights your inability to argue reasonably.

        If you want a serious a laugh read Irish shades of Grey.

  6. GP says:

    Abortion on demand can wait only in terms of lets protect women’s lives first. After that? We can work our asses off for women’s free choice.

    Thanks for all the work you are doing in this area ❤

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  8. Why are you so ignorant about this Paul, do I as a woman not have an opinion on this issue too, especially as you’re all for women’s rights? I didn’t bring my “intelligence” into this at all, I was merely asking you about your sources – fair enough surely, after writing such an article? Indeed I really should have expected some sort of slur out of you. If you don’t want comments then don’t allow for the facility!
    I have no hysteria to take elsewhere, and regarding my asking if you were a TD, I was simply asking, not arguing a point. Though I’m not sure how your simply being a member of FG equates to you having some sort of inside knowledge or having special contacts, which you then identify as a fact in your article?.

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Yes you are entitled to your opinion. Im not sure what ignorance I possess in regards to what I wrote. I would suggest you read the article slowly while taking deep breaths. My sources are Fine Gael TD’s. Quite frankly they are not sources either some I count as good friends. Now it’s not my fault you are some foaming at the mouth anti choice half wit that cant see the logic in what I wrote.

      The facts are youth defence and the life institute are a right wing pseudo fascist minority, that did not make 56,000 phone calls to Fine Gael TDs personal phone numbers since the summer as they claimed in the irish Times. That equates to over 730 phone calls to each FG TD. It didn’t happen. Now if you take your head out of your hole for two minutes and see the mathematical common sense and logic to all this im sure even you could understand the basic gist of what I was saying. I don’t have a high hopes for that though.

  9. How are Youth Defence & The Life Institute “right-wing pseudo fascist”, Paul? I’m not a member of the organisation, for the record, but I see no wrong in what they do, and I know some members too. Quite frankly, you see them as that, the same way you see me or any other person who holds a different opinion to you, in any topic under the sun probably!

    Regarding the *estimation* of 56,000 calls, quickly before I bow out of this, between the period of April & July, the Sunday Independent reported that ONE TD they had got in touch with, was getting 10 pro-life constituent calls a day. It was then estimated that that could be up to 50 calls a week to the TD. At this stage, the campaign was going on for 10wks. That could be up to, give or take, 500 calls over nearly a 3month period. Considering that there is 76 FG TD’s you do the maths. However, 4 months have passed since the end of July also. Therefore, this is a rough estimation, there is no way of knowing for sure how many calls were made, It does not, however, mean that 56,000 people were ringing TD’s either.

    I know that I have rang own TD’s several times, supporting them, lobbying them & encouraging them, especially when there was a lot of commotion in the media at times.

    However, Paul, there is no need for you to get too upset, crying yourself to sleep or exciting yourself, you’ll only make yourself sick, sure what happens, happens! Just from me to you, I would suggest for your own sake you sort out the way you address people with opposing opinions to you, whatever the topic, you’re ignorance is quite startling you poor thing.

    Anyways, good luck with your future articles, and the book, and have a lovely, peaceful Christmas! 🙂

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Read about the Youth defence and the life institute they are fascist right wing reprobates.

      I didn’t think you or your intelligence could go any lower in my estimation,until you said you knew some members of youth defence and the life institute. Congratulations you are now lower than a snake belly in my estimation, thats pretty low, thats there with Brian Cowen.

      And for the last time, you speak about one TD, if you took deep breaths and read my article I also mentioned one TD. The vast majority of Fine Gael TD’s have not received personal phone calls.

      Also when you comment here I have the right of reply, you will find my replies to people are polite and affable. But if you read paragraph 8, section 2.1.5 in my comments policy, you will read, you earn my undying scorn and ridicule if you defend Youth defence or the life institute.

      Thats the way we roll around here.

      Kind Regards, Moi.

  10. Maggie says:

    Have any of you seen an abortion being carried out? I think if you did you would not be so keen to promote it. I have worked as a nurse in a gynae theatre in London where they are regularly carried out and believe me they are pretty gruesome. Why do you think its ok for a tiny baby to be pierced with a surgical instrument in the head or body, sucked through a narrow suction tube or poisoned with a pharmaceutical drug depending on the gestation just for the sake of a woman’s right to choose.
    And do you think its ok that 55 million American babies have been surgically aborted since it was legalized there in 1973 and the stats in the UK are also very very high. I just can’t get my head around the fact that some people seem to think this is ok. In most countries abortion is legal up to 39-40 weeks. (known as partial birth abortions) It is regarded as murder if the baby has exited the birth canal but not beforehand. What is the difference in a baby born 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after birth. Instead of marching on the streets for the woman’s right to choose you should be marching on the streets protesting against these horrendous crimes against humanity. Where are all those Human Rights lot.

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