This is not Journalism.

Twitter almost caught fire earlier today when Kay Burley told volunteers searching for the missing April Jones live on air that police said she was most likely murdered.

While what Kay Burley said was true and is what everyone else was thinking. The manner in which Kay Burley broke the news live on air was highly insensitive and was done for shock purposes and ratings only.

Anyone that has had the misfortune of tuning into Sky News in recent days would have noticed Kay Burley rampaging around the little village of Machynlleth accosting often terribly upset and bewildered locals. If the circumstances were not so tragic her style of journalism would be comical. It is cruel and pointless journalism no one benefits from intrusive preying on the grief of others.



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One Response to This is not Journalism.

  1. I hope they will find this little young lady un harmed and well. My heart goes out to Aprils loved ones in this dark period. The good news (if there could ever be good news in a circumstances like this) is that there has not been a body recoverd so there is even now a glimmer of hope in finding her

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