Catherine Byrne TD has some strong words for Louise Minihan

Statement from Catherine Byrne, Fine Gael TD for Dublin South Central on this is mornings activities of Eirigi DCC Louise Minihan.


Gang of thugs, not protestors, prevent children from meeting Tánaiste and Minister for Children – Byrne
Eirigí Councillor Louise Minihan should be expelled from DCC

Fine Gael TD for Dublin South Central, Catherine Byrne, has today (Friday) described her disgust and fury at what she described as the gang of thugs who prevented the Tanaiste and Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, from meeting with school children in Ballyfermot.

“We live in a democracy and I have no problem with peaceful protests, but what I saw this morning in Ballyfermot disgusted me. School children from Ballyfermot and surrounding areas arrived at the Base in Ballyfermot to meet the Tánaiste and Minister for Children to show them the hard work they had put into their campaign for a Yes vote in the Children’s Referendum. This event was organised by UNICEF to launch its campaign for a Yes vote .They were met by a gang of thugs, led by Eirígí Councilor Louise Minihan, in what can only be described as ugly and intimidating scenes outside the venue.

“When the Tánaiste’s car arrived with the Minister for Children, their car was spat on, egged, kicked, and rocked. The children were being held inside the venue for their safety and the Tánaiste’s car had to retreat and leave the venue. This protest was totally unfounded and I am calling for Cllr. Minihan, who was front and centre in this protest, to be expelled from Dublin City Council.

“This is not about the decent people of Ballyfermot. This is about a small section of society hell bent on causing trouble. Something has to be done about these thugs. That young people had to witness this nastiness is an absolute disgrace and the people involved must be brought to task. They contribute nothing to the local community and never get involved in securing facilities for Ballyfermot.

“The people who lost out here were the children who put so much time and effort into producing a wonderful presentation for their guests which went unseen. This included an animated video produced by the children which is so good that I am urging UNICEF and the children to release this video nationwide.

“I will be writing to the City Manager today to highlight my disgust that an elected representative, Cllr. Louise Minihan, was involved in today’s ugliness and request her dismissal from the Council. Cllr. Minihan was appointed by the City Council as a member of the Board of the Base, and I believe she has abused her position by being involved in this ugly protest today.”


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3 Responses to Catherine Byrne TD has some strong words for Louise Minihan

  1. John says:

    Ignore protests, you get louder protests. Ignore louder protests, you get action.

    Get it through your thick skulls: WE. DO. NOT. WANT. YOU. IN. CHARGE. You’re responsible for those children being in debt before they even grow up!

    • Paul Duggan says:

      Hi John, violence is not and should never be a form of protest ever. Democracy is getting to decide who gets to be in charge, the voters will speak at the ballot box as they always do when the time comes. Violence solves nothing.

      • John says:

        Agreed. Violence is not a good form of protest. But tell me what will work? We’ve tried asking. We’ve tried pleading. We’ve tried even writing thousands of letters outlining out concerns.

        Right now over a quarter of mortgages are in arrears over three months. Yet this shower of apes think that a few more taxes will be just what the doctor ordered.

        You tell me how we get our voices heard before it’s too late and our grandchildren are in debt. Because peaceful protest isn’t working.

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