Inappropriate Garda car sticker of the year.

Taken in Galway yesterday. Im sure there’s joke in there about Garda powers of observation.

Thanks to anonymous for the pic.

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11 Responses to Inappropriate Garda car sticker of the year.

  1. Wow. Did that car drive through some sort of wormhole from the 70s? Or 80s?

  2. Disildoforus says:

    that Helen Rahilly woman had a go at me hugely last week because i tweeted that I didnt like caitlin moran, i have a feeling i’m commenting on the wrong subject, but omg, i couldnt find the comment button on the rte blog!!! while i got the last word i with her without giving in on my view, she was incredibly defensive, all i said was, caitlin moran has just succeeded in one thing, i will never buy one of her books, thats all i said …. the rahilly woman pounced, luckily i wasnt in the humour for her.

  3. John says:

    Not surprising at all. These are the same Garda who drive while talking on mobiles, break speed limits for no reason, and run by senior Garda officials who don’t tax, NCT, or insure their own personal cars…

  4. Yes stick it on while they’re parked up and take a quick pic before they spot it. @ John…..They’re the same Gardai who protect us all from criminals, who comfort dying victims of car wrecks and inform their loved ones of the news; who do their jobs not for the money, but for you. You’ll need them some day and they’ll never ask for your appreciation.

  5. John says:

    So because they occasionally do the work they’re hired to do; they’re free to break the laws they’re there to uphold? Is that something I should appreciate when I’m pulled over for going 1km over the speed limit, or because I was one day late putting my new (PAID) tax disc in the window?

    There is zero excuse for those upholding the law to be breaking it with impunity.

  6. John, surely you’re wise enough to know you’ll always get a bad apple, in any bunch. It’s a pity a bad apple pulled you over for your excessive speeding and tragic that yet another forgot the meaning of tomorrow. We feel your pain. Also John, if you ever find yourself tarring; be it your roof or driveway, try to use a brush you haven’t used before.

  7. John says:

    I’ll repeat: there is zero excuse for those upholding the law to be breaking it with impunity. You call the most senior chiefs of the traffic corps a little bad apple like they’re one-off? If even the boss does it, it’s not just a bad apple, it’s a rotten tree.

    As for your attempt to be flippant, bravo. Well done. You obviously skipped right over the meaning of what I was saying, in your mad rush for “sticking it to me”. See, I believe there’s a connection between enforcing the law and obeying the law. If you can’t obey the law, you are not entitled to enforce it.

    With attitudes like yours, is it any surprise the government are getting away with giving themselves bonuses and increases, not reducing their billion euro worth of expenses (despite promising to do all three and more); while increasing our own taxes, introducing property and water taxes, and generally being able to ignore the will of the public? Is there any surprise that this is going on right now, all around you, yet people like you are sitting back and ignoring it all with your fingers held firmly in your ears?

  8. Your assertion about enforcing and obeying the law is correct John. That is not in dispute. There was no disrespect intended; the response to your comments are solely for your insinuation that all Gardai are bad. Comments like yours that fail to differentiate such, are perhaps indicative of the nation’s malaise. Was your previous reply in response to your own personal experience with the law or could it just be a lack of perspective? You see a bad branch on the tree and you want to cut the whole lot down?

    Regarding the government, you make valid points and the concerned public agrees. It is fair to note that the government’s hands are tied at the highest levels but that does not excuse the current situation. Leading by example is something we can all agree with. Indeed it would be very wise at this juncture for all our leadership to implement meaningful personal pay cuts, to relate to and reassure a disillusioned public; and to also send a strong signal to the rest of Europe. Failing that, they will possibly endure the fate of the previous government.

  9. John says:

    With regard “You’ll need them some day and they’ll never ask for your appreciation”. Do you mean like this?
    While the link says offences, those offences include killing two civilians with his car.

    The Garda had no license, tax, or even road worthy car. He killed two people – granted they should not have been on the side of the road, but the point being if you or I had done it we would be in a ton of trouble. The garda got off with a €900 fine. Bear in mind he had an un-roadworthy car, which alone would mean both points and massive fines for you or I.

    The point I make is that the job of the Garda is one that is a position of authority. Authority doesn’t give you an open hand to ignore the rules you yourself are meant to be enforcing; in fact if anything you should be above reproach in all your actions, on or off duty. The problem I have is when Garda are clearly flaunting laws, while at the same time very quick to fine the public when we so much as sneeze while driving (I kid you not – I got a fine for dangerous driving because I sneezed and my driving was “erratic” for a few moments, along with points).

  10. We all need respect for each other, and treat each other as humans. people are not robots which can be programmed nor are policemen.Always think of the common good.Sneezing is natural and cannot be helped,,some police are not human and some are.Even policemen know this

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