Terry Prone’s TV3 rant

Memo to Fine Gael HQ.  Every-time Terry Prone bats for the Government on the Vincent Browne show, god kills a kitten, the polling numbers take a dive and people all over the country get a foot stuck in a television.

Source, TV3 Ireland

This tweet from Donal O’Keeffe sums up her performance perfectly.


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One Response to Terry Prone’s TV3 rant

  1. I’d like to thank whatever deity prompted me to be out of the country during the two outbursts from that woman which you’ve blogged about. I’m at the stage where I honestly believe the *less* attention she and her people receive, the better. Preferably none at all. I would be quite happy never to have to lay eyes on her, her family, son, spouse or anything concerned with any of them again. As Mr Bennett observed, they’ve *delighted* us quite enough!

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