The Peoples Front of Judea split (again)

We have been greeted with the tragic news that Clare Daly has left The Joe Higgins show. That’s the Socialist Party-Peoples front of Judea to you and I.

The Kildare born Ms Daly, daughter of an army officer grew up in the leafy confines of Newbridge. Ms Daly has a brother and an uncle in the priest hood. Her blurb says she plays the violin and piano badly. Surprised she didn’t join Fine Gael. The question everyone is asking though how did she get that bleedin accent.

Ms Daly, TD for the Dublin north constituency was allegedly given an ultimatum by Joe Higgins its ‘us or Mick’ Joe is alleged to have bawled. Anyone that has had the misfortune of hearing Joe bawl will tell you he probably made Ms Daly’s decision to leave the Peoples front of Judea a lot easier.

Ms Daly’s statement is dignified enough as political spats go. The Socialist party-Peoples front of Judea’s statement  reads like a lover scorned, full of heavily nuanced language it insinuates and suggests. It is childish and bears all the hallmarks of vengeful lovelorn teenager that has been rejected. It has fed Clare Daly to the baying tabloid and social media mob. Mick Wallace described the party’s statement as “too laughable to merit a reaction”. Mick Wallace’s statement on his finances was pretty laughable too.

The comments section on the and is also full of innuendo and suggestion. As was the The Daily Mail a few months ago. Yesterday RTE news anchor Aengus Mac Grianna asked the boyish political hack Michael Lehane, ‘ what is the connection… eh eh political connection between Ms Daly and Mick Wallace? ‘ Michael Lehane shiftily dead panned ‘they were seen together a lot in Leinster House.’

So are a lot of other TD’s Michael.

So what is this fabled connection between Ms Daly and the ‘silver fox’ Mick Wallace?   Are they finger poking each other on stalker-book? Are they flirting on twitter ? Did they check in together on four-square? Or is it a case they are just good friends and colleagues.

Ms Daly claimed today any connection with Mick Wallace was spurious. Spurious or not the damage has been done and you only have to trawl the message boards, Facebook and twitter to find out what the voting public think of this political connection. Just because the media choose not to talk about it don’t mean the rest of the country is not.

Ironically enough, it will probably be the Socialist Party who will be the long-term losers by Ms Daly’s departure. Joe Higgins never an intellectual colossus has seen his socialist star eclipsed by a Clare Daly since she has been elected to Dáil. The only other national Socalist party representative is Dublin MEP, the gormless Paul Murphy who set the political bar for stupidity quite high by wanting people to buy his no pamphlet. Such is the genius amongst the ranks of the socialist party, they plastered posters of Paul Murphy all over the North-side of Cork City during the recent European referendum. Being an MEP for Dublin this was bordering on bizarre. The Peoples Front of Judea said they were trying to heighten his profile. Someone should have mentioned to the socialists, the people of Cork City can’t vote in Dublin European elections.

Joe Higgins is nothing if energetic. His banshee like wailing in the Dáil would give you the impression he has the lung capacity of whale. But for how long more can he hold these loons together. Increasingly the socialist party has become more like the Joe Higgins show. Two other high-ranking members of the Socialist Party also resigned on Friday, the Greene brothers. The Party if you could call it that is becoming increasingly fractured and has lost its identity since the ULA has come to the fore. Paul Murphy MEP has all the charisma of a dead fish and could never hold the party together. Bereft of politically intelligent politicians, the strategy of not voting for anything, only voting against is not a viable long-term strategy for any political party.

Clare Daly would have been the natural successor to the Joe Higgins show. The political ramifications for her leaving The Peoples Front of Judea are practically zero. She has shown herself to be more than politically able in recent months. Ms Daly has been by far the most articulate and intelligent TD when it comes to arguing for legislation of the X case. She didn’t need the Socialist party the Socialist party needed her. On the upside she will not have to donate to the party which should see her take home pay increase by about €60,000.

Not having to listen Joe Higgins bawling and increasing your take home pay. That’s a win for any sane person.

So the peoples front of judea split again. Ms Daly is off to concentrate on building the ULA.  First item on the agenda will be the previous split………



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3 Responses to The Peoples Front of Judea split (again)

  1. garrettmullan says:

    Terrpy Prone was not the first to do so. Clare would protect her personal life and not engage media about it and indeed bark at Evening Herald photographers looking for a photo.

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