Mick Wallace is no Robin Hood

There seems to be some confusion on social media, Facebook, Twitter and internet forums about Mick Wallace and the facts about what he has said and done. When I say confusion, what I really mean is blind stupidity and willful ignorance. I understand giving out about social media via social media is a bit like having your alcoholic’s anonymous meeting in a pub. But the last few days in relation to Mick Wallace on social media has been a bit  like that man who wears sun glasses in a pub and wonders why women don’t take him seriously.

The people who are defending him on social media are claiming he is some kind of modern day Robin hood, stealing from the tax man to his company afloat. This is not the case. Mick openly admitted on thursday he defrauded the state, his defense was, he did so to keep his company afloat. You can listen to the audio here .

I tweeted on Thursday after the story broke.

On Friday the Indo led with how he doubled his pay.

This information is online at the Companies Registration Office website.  Not only did he give himself a pay rise he also gave his fellow director and son the same pay rise. While defrauding the tax payer he gave his family a pay rise. Hardly the actions of a man so concerned about his employees.

He defrauded the state of €1.4m in taxes and gave himself and his son a combined pay rise of almost €300k during the same period. That is lining your pockets at the tax payers expense.

Picture is from the genius that is Jim Sheridan

Yesterday the Irish examiner dug up a story about Mick Wallace threatening to use a hit man. In an interview with Business & Finance he spoke debt collection and about money he was owed by a developer.

“So I knew of a guy [who] made a living out of a gun,” he recalled in the interview. “I made contact with him and said: ‘Listen, there’s a guy owes me £20,000 — will you get it for me?’ He said he would give me £16,000 and keep £4,000.

“There was a guy working for the builder and I deliberately went for a pint with him. ‘Did you hear I’m getting the money out of your boss?’” I said to him. “‘I hired a hit-man and he’s going to get it. Don’t tell anyone now.’

“Next day I got a phone call from the managing director. ‘Mr Wallace,’ he says, ‘I believe there is a bit of a financial dispute on that job. Can we meet and talk about it?’

“I met them and they offered me £15,000. I said I’d take £16,000. Of course, I never would have dreamt of actually hiring the hit-man. I only used him as leverage, but it worked.”

Here we have an elected TD seeing nothing at all wrong with using the threat of violence as a tool to collect monies owed. Mick don’t do irony very well.

Apart from owing €20 million to ACC bank. Mick Wallace also owes money AIB which is owned by you and me, the tax payer. How would Mick feel if some tax payers threatened to knock around to his house and let him know we have hired a hit-man to get our money back? It is after all because of developers like him we have to bail out the banks.

The claim that he is some sort of lovable rebel rogue and should be forgiven because he has done good things is pathetic. Lowry, Pee Flynn and even Haughey were described as lovable rogues and even they did some good also.

On Wednesday in the Dáil Mick Wallace said

Each time they lie, they damage their credibility. However, even as they continue to lie, they must also be trusted to control events behind the scenes. Trust, however, is in short supply. Kildarestreet.com

Indeed Mick Indeed.


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One Response to Mick Wallace is no Robin Hood

  1. Colm V. Fahy says:

    So the toughie, Wallace, wants to come back to the Dáil on Tuesday, after the Craic in Pozznan of course, to explain himself to the Irish People. Who does this knacker think he is ad who does he think we are??? Well iI for one don’t want to hear his w. w. w. w. waffle, in or out of a his concrete and mortar splattered pink tee- shirt. I’d like him to just hand in his paycheck and F”&K OFF – for good.

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