The Peoples Front of Judea call for a No vote

The No side is largely composed of parties whose links to each other are as incestuous and whose reasoning for voting no are as varied as Islāmic interpretation of the Koran. According to the Campaign Against Austerity Treaty website the political parties on the no side are…….

The Communist party of Ireland, yes they exist in some sort of pseudo political twilight zone. In a world where even the Chinese have given up the pretense of communism, these loons continue to believe in the cause. They are registered as a political party but rarely if ever run a candidate. One suspects they couldn’t run a hot bath.

Éirígí, are the odious offspring of Sinn Féin formed in Dublin in 2006. Sinn Féin have claimed they are malcontents. Who have at various times, have been sanctioned by them. The Éirígí website would seem to suggest they are nothing more than Sinn Féin lite. Devoid of substantial policies and actual intelligence, Éirígí’s only claim to fame is one of the party’s only 2 elected councillors Louise Minihan threw paint over Mary Harney. Stay classy.

The Socialist party, The Party’s 2 most high-profile representatives are in the Dáil. Joe Higgins, who’s Dáil performances are becoming increasingly shrill even by his shrilly standards and Claire Daly who is outshining Higgins. We also have the unelected Paul Murphy, MEP for Dublin who oddly wants you to buy his “No” Pamphlet.  He even has his mug on “No” posters all over the country. As one Cork wit put it, “Why is that Dublin Langer on posters in Cork ?”. Quite simply the Socialist party are using treaty to enhance his non-existent profile. How putting him on posters in Cork will get him elected in Dublin is a mystery though. With all the charisma and charm of a dead tree he needs to do something. Time and again Murphy has said we will have access to ESM funding if we vote no. We will not have access to funding as is shown here . Oh some free advice. No politician asks the electorate to buy their leaflets. Not even Fianna Fáil would have tried that stunt.

Socialist Workers Party, The SWP has not elected a candidate under its own name since 1997. Hence the various names its candidates run under. Richard Boyd Parrot being the most high-profile elected member of the SWP. The constantly outraged Dun Laoghaire TD lives in a fantasy economics world. Where everything should be free. His latest outlandish claim is Ireland could raise €5-10bn through a wealth tax. There is a massive difference between 5  and 10 billion euro. Which would seem to suggest Boyd Parrot is making things up as he goes along? Today Boyd Parrot has accused the Government of “lying through their teeth” about the “so-called deficit problem”. Do they not have calculators on the no side ? Credit where credit is due to the far left……. Otherwise they will go bankrupt….. Like the failed political theories they hold so dear.

Dún Laoghaire’s answer to the Real slim shady

The Workers Party I know this is getting wearisome, The WP have two councilors one in Waterford and Cork. The eternally optimistic Ted Tynan who over the years has contested no less than eleven elections, succeeding only once. The Workers Party would seem to have trouble getting elected in working class constituencies.

The Workers Party, The Socialist workers party, The Socialist Party is there a difference?  No. Joan Collins was once a member of the Socialist Party. Independent TD for Waterford John Halligan was a member of the workers Party. Both left their respective party’s after trivial disagreements about tea and biscuits. Their ego’s being bigger than the greater good of the party’s to which they belonged. Now they are operating under the ULA/Peoples front of Judea/People before profit political banner. All these parties claim to be Marxist Socialists. Karl Marx once said “democracy is the road to Socialism” if that is the case in Ireland it’s a pretty long-winded and potholed road. Chris Rea’s Road to hell comes to mind.

Sinn Féin have opposed every EU referendum since we joined in 1973. Sinn Féin the great anti austerity party of the republic are also the biggest hypocrites. Implementing massive austerity in Northern Ireland. In the North, Sinn Féin in government has signed off on social welfare cuts the equivalent of €700m. In December 2010 the Northern executive agreed a budget cut of £4 billion. Sinn Féin call for massive investment in infrastructure in the Republic, in Northern Ireland they cut the infrastructure budget which may cost up to 800 jobs . In Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin education minister John O’Dowd said a “sustainable schools policy could lead to the closure of 70 schools” Austerity much ?

Sinn Féin will tell you that they get a big chunk of their budget from the UK. They are correct, Northern Ireland gets £8 billion in a block grant from the UK. The Republic is funded by the IMF/EU. When Sinn Féin say they are not responsible for cuts in the North they are lying. They pick and choose where the cuts happen. Just like ministers in the Republic have to make cuts as we are funded by the IMF/EU.

Sinn Féin have been described as “Shallow Cynical and Wrong” in an Irish Times editorial. Their actions in the last day have shown them to be exactly that. They took a shallow last-minute court case that was little more than a vain publicity stunt. They cynically misquote 3 economists. They cynically misrepresented the FAI and the high court found they were wrong. Judge Gerard Hogan commented that the applicant had “delayed unduly coming to court” and a complaint suggesting the commission acted outside its powers in comments on whether or not Ireland could veto the ESM treaty was “not well founded”. 

Shallow cynical and wrong sums up the left campaign in this referendum. One could argue that the amount of austerity Sinn Féin have implemented in the North could hardly qualify them as “left”.

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