Fine Gael launch Facebook treaty app

At the outset I was worried about this app considering the recent cluster-fucks that have been Fine Gael’s forays into social media electioneering as witnessed by the cringeworthy Twolicy and that insufferable charlatan Ravi Singh.

The app can be found on Facebook here . It looks slick, well designed , as in its simplicity of use. It was designed by an Irish company called Webfactory who list on their website, Bord Gais , The IDA , Irish times and as of today Fine Gael as their clients.

I was actually tempted to say it is idiot proof but we have a habit of letting technology bite us on the arse in Fine Gael.

Idiot proof right ?

The basic premise of the app is to allow Facebook users ask a question of Fine Gael about the fiscal compact treaty. The success of the app will depend on how the questions are answered and the general interaction with the people who ask them.

So far it looks like a huge improvement on previous forays into social media by FG HQ.


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3 Responses to Fine Gael launch Facebook treaty app

  1. Noelle says:

    I think this is a productive step to help people understand the treaty and have their questions answered. We all saw the hesitation and ignorance of the “NO” camp on Vincent Browne last night. It said it all really. I don’t know if this app will be succesful but it’s a step in the right direction don’t you think???

  2. Noelle says:


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