Éamon Ó Cuív , Fianna Fail malcontent

Éamon Ó Cuív, Grandson of De Valera. At various times, former Minister for Defense, Minister for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands. Former Minister of Social protection, the Environment, Gaeltacht and Rural affairs. Former Fianna Fáil deputy leader and party leadership candidate. He now holds position of Fianna Fáil malcontent in chief.

Dev Óg has a history with EU treaties and voting no, and some would say his family have form in general when it comes to treaties. With more than one person observing that there was a sense of Déjà vu with a member of the De Valera clan coming out against a Pro treaty Cork man. Obviously both have nether the charisma or wit to whom they were both being compared too.

Nonetheless Fianna Fail can’t seem to get any good publicity these days. If it’s not former high profile TD’s being arrested or in court, it’s the likes of Dev Óg portraying himself as some modern day freedom fighter and throwing hand grenades at his Pro treaty Cork leader.

The Compact fiscal treaty is not the first time Dev has come out against an EU treaty.  He also publicly spoke for a no vote in the Nice Treaty. Dev Óg famously said at the time he did not see any conflict between supporting the Government’s referendum campaign as a Minister of State and voting against it as a citizen. Bertie did one of his famous political fudges, and said ah sure he’s grand I had a chat with him. Mehole Martin it seems is made of sterner stuff and wont be tolerating any  deviation from the party line on this.

Dev Óg’s position within Fianna Fáil is further weakened by the fact, he along with Micheál Martin were the only 2 senior cabinet ministers to survive Fianna Fáil’s massacre at the general election. Micheál Martin is at least within the party being seen to be trying to do the right thing despite his past wrongs. In contrast Dev Óg was recently savaged by the chihuahua like Timmy Dooley. Who was quoted as saying;

“You weren’t so much of a hero when you were in the cabinet, you’re very courageous now, but when you were in government you kept your feet in nice and tight and snug under the table”.

Of course the savage chihuahua Dooley has a point. Dev Óg once took a helicopter journey to Cork to open a playground at the cost of €10,000 to the tax payer.

id like to see more comely maidens at the cross roads.

Dev Óg’s main problem now is that he knows he has virtually no support within the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party. His attempt to drop the hand on Sinn Féin earned him another rebuke from his party leader yesterday.  Micheál Martin equally knows expelling him from the party may lead to the kind of split that could ultimately finish the party.

Is Dev Óg preparing the ground work for a defection? Is he showing the kind of cunning his illustrious grandfather had and realises that Fianna Fáil are not the main party of opposition anymore and that in fact Fianna Fáil nua are actually Sinn Féin on the rise?

One wonders how well Dev Ógs thoughts that Ireland should join the commonwealth would go down with his new best friends in Sinn Féin.

With all the bluster of a TD that knows he has nothing to lose the unpredictable Dev Óg may just do the unthinkable…..

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