Ógra Fianna Failer , Face book fail

Continuing the fine tradition of insensitive Fianna Fáil gaffes, Chairman of Ogre Fianna Fáil down in Westmeath had a Facebook Fail moment. Continuing the current thinking that political types shouldn’t be left anywhere near twitter or Facebook because people might find out what they really think of people.

He recently posted on his Facebook, “Delighted to see pepper spray was used by Gardai. Bout time they started using a little bit of force”.

In fairness he proceeded to delete his twitter and lockdown his Facebook page. Showing he realised he made the grave political error of actually saying what you think.

Think of it as a learning curve fella.

Hat tip  to Leah for picture.


About Paul Duggan

Politics, humour, Liberal, Curmudgeon, Rogue. Creator and author of Irish Shades of Grey.
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3 Responses to Ógra Fianna Failer , Face book fail

  1. Thomas F says:


  2. Mike says:

    Jeeze you must have alot of time on your hands between stalking the youth wing of a party and insulting a person born in 1992.

  3. Alan Armitage says:

    Stalking a 20 year old’s Facebook page and taking his opinions as being representative of the whole FF party? Pitiful to say the least.

    I sincerely hope the rest of your blog has more solid grounds for the opinions voiced in it.

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