What Sinn Fein won’t tell you.

Sinn Féin generally has two reasons for doing things. One that sounds good, and a real one.

Sinn Féin have come out strongly against the house hold tax in the Republic, what they wont tell you, is they are all for house hold taxes in Northern Ireland. This is a rate for household and all residential properties, with bills based on the capital value of your home. As of 1 January 2005 – Domestic rates must be paid on every occupied residential property in Northern Ireland. A furnished property is considered occupied for rate purposes, even if no-one lives in it. Rates have risen year on year since they were introduced  and again (more (pdf) this year.

The minimum paid in Northern Ireland is £500 – no matter how poor you are. Sinn Féin told us the household charge in the North pays for school books, in the Republic there is the back to school allowance funded by the Government and book rental schemes to help reduce costs to parents.

They tell us rates pay for water, in the Republic we get our water for free, in the North they are in the process of introducing water rates which are due to be introduced in January 2016. They also tell us in the North, the household tax pays for roads, houses, leisure centres, parks and tourism. In the Republic all is paid for by local authorities. Sinn Féin actively support the house hold charge in Northern Ireland and that can be as much as £3,000.

In June – Sinn Féin environment spokesman Brian Stanley will be launching a bill to repeal household charge. This same Brian Stanley that talks about party cronyism and how it should rightly end. Sinn Féin don’t engage in cronyism do they? Oh wait, who was co-opted to Brian Stanley’s council seat? – his wife was. Who was co-opted for Martin Ferris council seat in Kerry North? His daughter was. Sinn Féin like to keep it in the family.

Sinn Féin voted for the bank bailout in case anyone has forgotten. They are also imposing cuts in Northern Ireland on an unprecedented level. Did Sinn Féin tell you while they are implementing these swinging cuts in the power sharing assembly, their assembly members will be receiving an 11% pay rise this year.

Sinn Féin will tell you that they only take the average industrial wage. In the North that amounts to £356 per week net or €530 in the Republic. Sinn Féin tell us that the balance that they are paid by the state goes back to the party through personal donations. So they are still costing the tax payer money the same amount of money as any other TD or MLA.

Gerard Cunningham has done excellent work in this area. Funny how SIPO though has no record of any Sinn Féin TDs or Senators making any donations back to the party. It appears you would have more chance of making sense of Bertie Ahern’s finances than you would of Sinn Féin’s

Take carpetbagger Gerry Adams for example, he maintains 3 homes. One in Belfast, a home in Louth and a holiday home in Donegal in an area, euphemistically known as Costa Del Provo. Does Gerry Adams really expect us to believe he maintains 3 homes on about €530 a week? 3 homes …. No wonder he is so against the household charge. Those Armani suits don’t come cheap either.

“Do you think they believe you weren’t the IRA Gerry ? “

Sinn Féin have come out against the Job bridge scheme in the Republic, but in Northern Ireland they voted unanimously for the work fare scheme which is similar in nature to the Job bridge scheme in trying to get people back to work. Well, they do have to do something radical considering unemployment has risen year on year in Northern Ireland since they have been in power sharing. They have been an abject failure on the economy in Northern Ireland implementing swinging cuts, while taking a pay rise, what makes people think they will be any different in the Republic?

Recently Sinn Féin announced their 7 point plan for a United Ireland

The seven points are:

To popularise re-unification as viable, achievable and in the best interests of all and to build consensus for this. (reunification is popular in the Republic but we are just more practical about it)

To encourage all non-unionist political parties and sections of civic society to become persuaders and actors for reunification. (Gerry don’t seem to realise as long as he is the leading actor in Sinn Féin, he will have a tough time persuading non unionists and unionists to get on board)

To convince a section of unionist opinion that their identity, self-interest and quality of life will be best served, secured and guaranteed in a united Ireland. (Why only a section?)

To challenge those who would seek to maintain the status quo. (How?)

To ensure the Irish Government act on the constitutional imperative of reunification. (Sinn Féin conveniently forget that a massive 94% voted to give up our claim to Northern Ireland, all claims to Northern Ireland by The Republic have ceased, there is no constitutional imperative)

To encourage the British Government to become persuaders for reunification. (England forks about half a billion on security in Northern Ireland that’s a bill they could do without)

To build on international political and practical support for reunification drawing in particular on the support and influence of the diaspora. (could they be any more vague)?

Sinn Féin are pandering to their one trick pony members there. But also are deliberately vague when it comes to financial issues. 30% of population in the North work for the British Government. The tax payer in England provides a subside in the form of a block grant of £8 BILLION, no mention how they would fill that hole either.

They have may given up the gun, but while Gerry Adams and Sinn Féin called for Fianna Fáil to be held to account over findings in recent tribunals, they have not been held to account for they’re murdering of innocent civilians, bank robberies and other criminality during the same period. In recent times members were found to be engaged in criminal activities during an election campaign. I don’t see anyone in Sinn Féin rushing to expel members for that act of criminality.

On the issue of thuggery – Aengus “the wolf toner’ O’Snodiagh represents the ugly thuggish face of Sinn Féin, his march on Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne’s house were the antics of thug and a bully – a man with no political dignity. Will the people who damaged Catherine Byrne’s property and office and intimidated her daughters be expelled from Sinn Féin? Will Sinn Fein pay for the damage done?

Sinn Féin will never be credible till the gun men and thugs are put out to pasture. That and when they decide if they are two different political parties or one.

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7 Responses to What Sinn Fein won’t tell you.

  1. I can’t say that I am surprised here. The political parties in Ireland are all the same. Instead of trying to make the others look bad in would be more in their line of work to do something actually beneficial for the country.

  2. Leah says:

    Makes you think about who you should vote for. My cynicism of politicians is at an all time high these days.

  3. Ailín Mac Conbhuí says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Second such piece I’ve seen written by an Fine Gaeler in the last two weeks.

    Far too many errors to go into them all but off the top of my head some of the ones that stand out:

    Gerry Adams is also a published author for one thing and I imagine he makes a few pounds off of that.

    Sinn Féin are in favour of a full Truth and Reconciliation Commission and have been calling for such for years.

    With regards the ‘vague’ point – popularising Unification internationally. You have states in the US passing motions calling for Unification, statements from business people that a united Ireland would be more appealing to investment, conferences held the world over including Canada, Australia and London. (Google is your friend)

    Many other factual inaccuracies that reflect poor research into the piece. In the end, all this illustrates is the large strand of Fine Gael that only care about the people of the six counties when it suits to use them as a political football. Unionists and Republicans in the North have moved on, perhaps it’s time for Fine Gael to give it a try?

  4. Blissett says:

    On the issue of thuggery Aengus “the wolf toner’ O’Snodiagh represents the ugly thuggish face of Sinn Féin , his march on Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne’s house were the antics of thug and a bully, a man with no credibility. Will the people who damaged Catherine Byrne’s property and office and intimidated her daughters be expelled from Sinn Féin? Will Sinn Fein pay for the damage done ?

    If you had done some research, you might learn that the SF protests that day never went anywhere near her house. A Campaign against Household and Water Charge (ULA, effectively) march did pass her house that day, but have no idea if any such intimidation occured. Certainly there wasnt a member of SF anywhere near her house that day. ( a herald article cleverly conflated the two protests so as to appear that both were SF. Incidentally, there is no evidence of any damage to the office either)

    So maybe you might wish to amend the article so as to withdraw the defamatory comments as regards Aengus O’Snodaigh. Also, failure to check such a minor fact rather undermines the rest of your diatribe.

  5. BK says:

    Yes, just as there are never any members of Sinn Féin at any other protests that break into violence; it just so happened they were all just getting a pint of milk from their local shop.

    Seriously, Blissett – when you see this happening once, twice, or even an uncountable amount of times, you realise who the true instigators are.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree what as been said about the IRA should kill everyone in the IRA

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