Samantha Brick a few observations

You have to hand it to The Daily Mail those fella’s sure as hell know how to kick of a storm in a twitter tea-cup. Nothing quite says I hate you like the twitter mob baying for your blood, like some sort of early christian in the Colosseum about to be torn to shreds by a lion. Theres no mob like the twitter mob. The twitter mob are worse than the Italian mob or a lynch mob about to overthrow a tyrannical dictator. They show no mercy and tweet sanctimonious and cowardly from the safe environs of behind a keyboard.

The Daily Mail have form here with wild stories conjured up to elicit controversy, remember Liz Jone’s  article on how some women were out to steal a man’s sperm. Sober Daily Mail readers all over England and Ireland didn’t have sex for weeks….

Journalist, Samantha Brick’s article on the downsides to looking pretty has seemed to attract a special kind of ire , from women in particular. I read the article more amused than anything then else. My first thoughts as a male were and I am loath to comment on a woman’s looks. I thought the picture accompanying the piece was not a great picture of her. I felt straight away it undermined her whole article.

Off I went to my trusty google images and typed her name in and the result being was the same. A pretty woman yes, but as we say in Ireland not my cup of tea. I can see why some men may be attracted to her but my immediate thoughts were google images seemed to make a mockery of her whole article. I saw nothing to suggest she was some sort of instant Viagra for men as her article claims.

Samantha’s Muslim cousin had no such problems with men.

Samantha Brick received an incredible amount of hatred from the tweets I saw, the vast majority from women. Why women and not men ? My theory is men are not nearly as stupid as we seem when it comes to the opposite sex. We have evolved from clubbing women over the head and dragging them to our caves to knowing we should never ever comment on a woman’s appearance. In fact we actively avoid it, because women know when men lie. We will both live with that lie because the consequences of being honest about how she looks are too horrific to deal with.

If a man is asked for his opinion on how a woman looks, especially a partner, colleague or friend, we know better than to say what we are really thinking. We know better than to say anything other than you look lovely/amazing/gorgeous, would be to illicit the kind of hurtful rage of Stephen Kings Kathy Bates or Carrie. Even if said woman looks like she did her make up on the dark side of the moon and she looks look she got dressed in a convertible with the hood down while driving in 100 mph winds, we always say you look lovely/amazing/gorgeous. Islāmic men have the right idea in this sense Burqa’s all around, women all look the same with one of those on…..

Women were not so forgiving to Ms Brick though, check out the #sambrick and #samanthabrick tags on twitter. What happened to the sisterhood ? Wouldn’t all women love to wake up feeling that confident ? Look and me vain men of the world feel horny !!  I spotted something though that caused my initial sympathy for Ms Brick wane. She has a track record upsetting feminists and women in general,  she is no bra burning ,  penis blaming feminist.

Her previous works include My husband says he’ll divorce me if I get fat , I’ll always be that fat girl a piece on fat french women and this beauty on How to be a french wife . Either Samantha Brick is a brilliant satirist or has issues in need of weekend away with Germaine Greer or some other über feminists to give her a bit of balance.

Her article should have been entitled how to lose friends and alienate people by working for the Daily Mail.

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3 Responses to Samantha Brick a few observations

  1. I think it is outrageous the reaction Samantha has gotten because of that article. Firstly, I don’t think it was written in complete seriousness and she doesn’t come across to me as somebody who loves themselves. Secondly, I agree with her point somewhat. Not so much concerning looks, but the way us women treat each other overall. As history has shown, women have been trodden upon for years and it has taken us a mighty long time to get to where we are today, a place still not equal to men. Instead of banding together, we often work our hardest to rip each other apart. Women can be very jealous of each other and if one happens to be an attractive lady, she does indeed have to endure that extra bit of spitefullness. Instead of condeming Samantha for a well-written and though provoking article, we should look at the deeper meaning within and think about our own treatment of females.

  2. Karen Barclay says:

    I loved the article – I thought it was pure comedy gold – & it would’ve been funny without the pictures. Men compelled to give her money & gifts every single day, women relentlessly, openly, hating her. The girlish prose; ‘my lovely looks’ reminded me of ‘My Lovely Horse’ in the sitcom Father Ted… I hope she’s not serious (& therefor a bit disturbed) because it was very funny. And she is pretty – albeit not stunning.

  3. There isn’t a backlash against Samantha Brick because the sisterhood is betraying itself. This isn’t a case of women hating women because we’re all vitriolic bitches.

    The backlash happened because Samantha Brick asked for it. She appeared in a national newspaper bragging about how beautiful she was, and continued in her delusion by saying those who disagreed were jealous.

    She alleges that men would get away with saying, “Yeah, I’m good-looking,” then goes on to say if Angelina Jolie said it, she’d cop a hell of a lot of flak.

    Samantha, dear? You didn’t say “Yeah, I’m good-looking.” You said “Wah, wah, wah, I’m so beautiful, people hate me, I’m bothered by men all the time, my life is so difficult, I’m gorgeous, pity poor little me.”

    Women don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. (She isn’t.) PEOPLE hate her because she’s ugly inside and out. So-called feminists whining about the sisterhood need to realise this isn’t a sexist issue. It’s an arrogance issue.

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