The annual St Patricks day trips announced

It’s that time of years folks where we send our TD’s abroad to represent our country in the various St Patrick’s Day festivities around the globe.

As usual the Taoiseach will be off to Washington D.C, New York and Chicago with Indiana thrown into mix, the Inda 500 must be on……

The Tánaiste is of to Canada, in keeping with his low profile since he became Tánaiste .

Everyone’s favorite political martyr Joan Burton is decamping to New York for a few days.

Richard Bruton is off to the West Coast of the USA for some surfing no doubt, He might stop by Silicon Valley one imagines.

Wild man Jimmy Deenihan is off to Atlanta for a spot of Gambling.

Frances FitzGerald will be ensconced in Boston. That about covers the USA they thought about sending someone to Las vegas but were afraid of the consequences.

Off to our Anglo-Saxon Cousins in the UK …….We are sending Dinny McGinley to Edinburgh and that charming city Glasgow.

We’re sending Leo and the loudest man in Ireland Michael ring to Birmingham and London. Nobody is going to Wales apparently and rightly so, all the Welsh are is the Irish that were too lazy to swim the Irish sea to get away from the English

Michael Noonon is off to France for a spot of wine tasting, Pet Rabbite is off to Italy to take part in some gladiatorial games (one hopes). Simon Coveney, Belgium and Luxembourg. Paul Kehoe will be heading to our fiscal overlords in Germany.  John Perry will be donning his long Johns in the name of patriotism and is going to Finland and Sweden.

Ciaron Cannon will be taking part in Singapore’s festivities. Brendan Howlin will be heading to Oz for some kangaroo boxing.  Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is being sent to New Zealand for some rugby. On his return he will do the Haka for the Dáil no doubt.

Yes, we have a theme……. “Now is the Time to Invest in Ireland’s Recovery” which sounds ominously like your about to invest in someone that’s just had a triple bypass.

An Taoiseach has also given the various ambassadors a message , Taoiseach also directs costs to be kept at a minimum.

Which translates into , keep the feckin costs down lads lest ye get lynched once the various hacks put in the FOI requests on expenses.


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