Alive, The Irish Catholic Monthly Newspaper or media mouthpiece for the über Catholic  claims readership figures of 380,000. An impressive number, a number so fantastical, its inspiration clearly taken from the Bible where its penchant for exaggerating events is only outdone by the number of pages to be read.

Intrigued recently I read it. I thought to myself some, went back and read it again. It had no less than nine articles on issues of a sexual inclined nature. Everything from sperm donors to sexual despair, men dressed as women  and one curious little paragraph about the HPV vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer. Sixteen pages printed and Nine articles on sex in some way or form. Not even the Sunday Independent would have nine articles of sexual nature.

I am so liberal id make Old Nick blush. I have no time for the hypocritical social conservatism that prevails in American politics and is being touted to varying degrees in Ireland. A social conservatism that preaches sex is bad, gay people and everyone else, that don’t do it in the missionary position are  going to hell. For example Newt Gingrich a Republican bidding for the  presidential nomination is a man who cheated on his first two wives, divorcing one on her death bed, wants America’s government to have “Christian values. Obviously Alive is against divorce, sperm donation, men dressed as women and sex in general. As if the publishers of Alive were all immaculately conceived, delivered by storks and left under a head of cabbage in a field. They are of course are entitled to their views and free speech.  They’re reasoning though is driven by a book, the bible, chosen by men for men that discriminates against women and everyone else that does not conform to the “norms” of Catholic Religious teaching. I would recommend reading at a risk to your own health. It reads like the Nazi Waffen SS  division of the catholic church.

Sex is bad is the general theme in Alive , it will lead you into a moral vacuum, people have sex apparently because they are in despair (p7), Or so an article claims. So I rang a good friend of mine, this guy is handsome, a cunning linguist and all round talented bastard. I asked him was he feeling low? He said nope. What about those two girls you brought home last Saturday night, where any of them depressed ? Nope, are you sure you’re not depressed because you’re having too much sex ? Nope again… hmmmmm

Why the newspaper felt the need to write about a transgender issue in America baffles me(p10).  Now if Mr Murphy up the road was caught trying on stockings and suspenders in Dunne’s then the story might be of some relevance. Even at that it is none of my or your business.  One of the bravest things I have seen in recent times was two middle aged men dressed as women have an intimate dinner and then go off to a gig together. Now that took balls or was it more a reflection of how Ireland has matured ?  If they are happy and not harming anyone then it is none of my business and good luck to them.

Another article likens non married cohabiting to criminality (p10) written by a priest , who should know what he is talking about obviously because he co-habits with other men a lot of the time , sometimes two or three to a house ……. In the Vatican thousands of men co-habit…. They had a piece on how Jesus restores marriage also , am always puzzled how the catholic church sees absolutely no irony in a priest giving marriage advice. A bit like Fianna Fail giving advice on bad banks….

What enraged me the most was what appeared to be an innocuous enough article about the HPV jab . (p16)

Waking coma from HPV jab

■ A 13-year-old girl from Cumbria, England has been left in a “waking coma,” too exhausted to open her eyes or speak, after receiving the HPV vaccine.

Her parents, whose life is now “a living nightmare” have warned parents to check possible side effects before allowing the jab to be given to their own daughters.

Scare mongering plain and simple , The article is misleading because there is no scientific basis linking the jab to the girls waking coma , as it is claimed by the parents. Which may be valid , here are some facts from the NHS in England.

Cervarix protects against two strains of the sexually transmitted human pappiloma virus (HPV), which together cause about 70 per cent of cervical cancer cases.

The NHS initiated its UK HPV immunisation program in September 2008.

The HPV jab is available on the NHS to those aged between 12 and 13 years old. Many are immunised at school.

Vaccines are delivered in three shots over six months. They do not have any therapeutic effect on existing HPV infections or cervical lesions which is why girls are vaccinated before they become sexually active.

The vaccine cuts the risk of cervical cancer by about 70 per cent

Of the four million vaccinations carried out over the program’s first two years, there were 4,445 reported side effects.

  • 1,669 reported ‘injection-site reactions’ for example a sore arm.
  • 1,013 reported allergic reactions, most were rashes.
  • There were 3,591 ‘other recognised reactions’ including 631 cases of nausea and 629 headaches.

Here we have what is essentially a vaccination against cancer and Alive are against it.If you ever happen to visit a Chemo centre the 1st thing that strikes you is the palatable fear and tension amongst those sitting waiting , full of chatter which abruptly stops once the nurse calls for someone.  The sight of ill , scared people waiting nervously for their poison. Bald heads , sunken eyes  frail bodies. A lesson in the fragility and immense dignity of human spirit. What so called kind , wonderful and forgiving God would subject people to this suffering…. What good Christian person would be against a vaccination against cancer ? Well, Alive are…… That speaks volumes about them….

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