The Janus faced Hypocrisy of Sinn Fein

In ancient Roman mythology Janus was the God of beginnings and endings and all things transitional , he is usually depicted in statues as two-faced as he looks both to the future and the past. If there was an altar the bodies of those murdered and sacrificed on behalf of Sinn Fein/IRA’s whim surely it would be at the altar of the two-faced Janus.

This is not a post on how Senior people within Sinn Fein have an array of criminal and terrorist convictions ranging from Gun and Semtex smuggling to murder.

The central plank of Sinn Fein dogma is that it is a 32 county party. They have a foot on both sides of the political border and have been building slowly both surely in the Republic. Making inroads into places where before would have been unthinkable. Largely due to the fact they can promise your hearts desire knowing only to well they are still to toxic for the main political parties to do business with.  As long as Adams and the former gunmen are calling the shots Sinn Fein will largely remain as is  , despite they’re aping of the Fianna Fail grass-roots movements of 1930s and 1940s.

The bottom line is the murders committed by members of their party are still too fresh in the mind of the general voter. Especially the over 35 age demographic who are more likely to vote rather than the 18-35 age group.  Many a commentator in recent months since the election have pointed out that Fianna Fáil Nua in fact may actually be Sinn Fein.  Such is the nature of their opposition in the Republic , all things to all men without anything of substance that is actually workable policy wise. At least Fianna Fail had policies that were actually done with a calculator on a computer instead of the abacus type numbers coming from Sinn Fein.

It would seem Sinn Fein care little or not if their numbers are right or wrong or how their budgetary submissions would affect the nation as a whole . Right now they are making all the right noises and soundbites.

In the Republic , Sinn Fein spokesman on education in the Dáil Sean Crowe , has said the latest education sector cuts sends out “appalling message”.  An appalling message indeed. He fails to mention his party colleagues in the Northern Assembly of which Sinn Fein power share , are implementing the kind of cuts that would make former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher blush , school budgets cuts are to cost teaching jobs .

Sinn Féin’s Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin described Health Cuts as “savage” adding that it will have a “devastating” effect on health services. “Thousands more front-line posts will be lost over the next three years as a result of the savage cuts being imposed by Minister for Health James Reilly,” he said. “Our hospitals and other services are under enormous pressure and these further attacks will deepen the crisis,” he added.  While of course neglecting to mention the savage cuts imposed by the Sinn Fein shared administration in Northern Ireland were so bad that 26,000 health care workers went on strike .

The list goes on and on , Sinn Fein it would seem have no problem implementing austerity in Northern Ireland costing thousands of jobs and in some cases people’s life’s according to the Belfast Telegraph . But in the Republic their level of hypocrisy even by political standards is astounding. Last night Gerry Adams outside the gates of Leinster house called for unity against the cuts, once again neglecting his own parties role in implementing cuts in Northern Ireland. Hmmmm don’t remember him or anyone else from Sinn Fein calling for unity on the steps of Stormont against the Northern assembly budget. A 32 county party ?

Or is it the case the political reality has sunk in amongst those in Sinn Fein that there will never be a 32 county Republic in our lifetime and its time to stop pretending there will be one within our generation and have adapted a two party political strategy one for the republic and one for the 6 counties.

Sinn Fein it would seem to have started in engaging in Real Politick in both. Even if their numbers do appear to be done by a monkey with an abacus.

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